Benefits of Event Conferencing for Commercial Firms and Educational Institutes

Benefits of Event Conferencing for Commercial Firms and Educational Institutes

Malaysia is home to leading global companies and educational institutes due to its optimum educational environment and economic market. Prominent global universities, such as University of Nottingham and Manipal University, have set up their offshore campuses in the country. Likewise, multinational companies like Intel, Shell, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Deloitte too have a significant presence in Malaysia. Foreign campus of educational institute and offices of corporate establishment need a secured and seamless mode of information exchange with its headquarters. As a result, reliable companies in Malaysia are engaged in rendering highly efficient event conferencing services.


Utilizing the high end event conferencing solutions, corporate and universities can communicate with their global associates 24×7 in a secured telecom environment. Making use of advanced event conferencing software, professionals render highly reliable event conferencing services in three steps – pre-event, during the event and post-event. During the course of first step, marketing and registration for the event takes place. In this case, all participants are provided with registration web pages, which need to be filled by participants, citing all necessary details. This helps in keeping track of number of people who were invited and actual number of attendees. After successful completion of the registration process, every participant who has registered for the conference is sent a confirmation mail and text message. Furthermore, periodic remainders about the event are also sent to them through various modes, such as emails, texts, phone calls.


The next step of event conferencing services is ‘during the event’, which requires the expertise of an event manager. An event manager is a highly skilled and experienced professional who utilises his domain expertise in moderating the event. This is done in order to ensure that the entire process is completed in a smooth and uninterrupted manner. “Post event” session, which is the last step of event conferencing services, incorporates tasks like creating archives of the event and subsequent follow-up.


Business firms can collaborate with associates and clients in a hassle free way by taking help of efficient event conferencing solutions. Marketing professionals can interact with their customers on a regular basis, irrespective of their geographic position. Instant reviews and feedbacks about the product line are generated and the same can be conveniently conveyed to marketing team. Depending on feedbacks, modifications can be made by the R&D department so that the range remains competitive in the market. Event conferencing services benefit the Human Resource team while recruiting candidates. Potential employees from various locations worldwide can be interviewed and selected without incurring heavy expenses.


Similar to business firms, prominent offshore campuses of educational institutes in Malaysia can also exchange data with their home campuses seamlessly. Tutors from home campuses need not come down to these overseas locations on a regular basis. The hassles, cost and stress synonymous with travelling to far flung destinations can, thus, be avoided. Lectures and interactive sessions that are conducted via event conferencing software are as efficient as their conventional counterparts. Whether it is an educational institute or a business firm, event conferencing solutions render multifaceted benefits.

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