Gender Neutral Office Space

Gender Neutral Office Space
With males and females working together often they will share an office space due to budget constraints or because their talents warrant being in the same office area. So with this in mind, to create a work environment that will be conducive to them both, it is necessary to provide a gender-neutral office space. A great rule of thumb is to decorate in colors that will not be too masculine of too feminine. This can be a difficult balance to strike, but it is very possible and will be much appreciated by both parties that will be working in the space you create.

Obviously, if you hire a man to work in an office and he shows up to work and everything is decorated in pinks and floral, he may be a bit uncomfortable. Likewise, if a woman is hired for a job and shows up to work and everything is masculine such as the types of decor on the walls and flooring, she may feel that the space is not conducive to her creativity. Therefore, having a balance of colors is the first step in creating a gender-neutral office space.

Your first rule of thumb in creating the perfect work environment is to make sure that everything you choose to put into the space provokes focus as well as concentration. No one should ever walk into an office space and feel overcome by the loud colors or decor, if they do, this will definitely be a distraction to them as they try to be productive. Therefore, the color scheme you choose is going to be your first order of business, and this can be tailored depending on the type of business you have.

For instance, if you have a sales team, you might want to create energetic colors such as red. On the other hand, if your team needs clarity and organization along with a positive energy, you should use some yellows, since this color inspires such feelings and can help your teamwork easier and better. Often offices will have a base color of white, which works well in any setting and accent the color with something that is stimulating based on the people that will be occupying the office space. Your ceilings in all the rooms should white because it makes the space look brighter, which of course, when you are inside all day, you want and need the bright feeling.

When choosing a gender-neutral office space, decorate with colors and schemes that both males and females can appreciate and identify with, and avoid pinks, blacks, or framed pictures of racecars or other masculine forms of art. If you have a feminine piece of art, then it should be balanced with a masculine piece. The point of a gender neutral space is creating balance, and therefore, you can have both masculine and feminine live in the same space beautifully, but it takes a bit more planning. Creating the perfect balance in an office space that both men and women can work in and be productive is the theme for many companies because they have come to find that they need to use the space to motivate all workers.

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