Modular commercial playground equipments system

Modular commercial playground equipments system

In the past commercial playground equipments typically consisted of a single unit device such as a slide, a swing, a set of swinging bars or the like. These components were sometimes permanently combined during manufacture. Modern commercial playground equipments however has become a conglomeration of many playground components or modules attached to one another by various means and in a variety of arrangements. These changes in commercial playground equipments have evolved to meet the demands of a new generation of child care facilities. In the past most commercial playground equipments was found in large school yards where space was plentiful and basic equipment was sufficient. However, with the ever increasing numbers of day care facilities, centers for children needing special training and many other child care facilities, the requirements for commercial playground equipments to meet a great variety of needs have created a dilemma for the producers of the equipment. For example, if a user is providing equipment for use by special children the equipment must provide a higher than normal degree of safety, and may also be required to provide specialized training modules. The space requirements for these facilities also varies greatly.

While any commercial playground equipment having a variety of components may obviously be assembled and disassembled, the equipment available prior to this invention does not lend itself to be quickly and easily assembled and custom designed to meet the varied needs of the present generation of equipment users.

In the sale of commercial playground equipments, one most effective method is for a sales representative to transport a variety of available equipment to the location of a prospective buyer for display. Heretofore the outdoor playground equipment was completely fabricated at the factory. Because of the large bulk of the assembled equipment only a very limited variety of equipment could be easily transported. The present invention provides the capability of carrying a small number of module assembly mechanisms to which all playground modules may be attached, thus permitting simplified transportation of a large number of unattached playground modules of varied types. In use of the present invention it will be readily understood that upon arrival at a display site, one or more of the module assembly mechanisms may be quickly assembled and any of the desired playground modules, such as slides, steps.

The Vinson patent discloses an elevated house in combination with a variety of commercial playground equipments components such as a slide, a teeter-totter, and a plurality of swings.

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