2007 Trends in Politics and a Look Back at 2006

2007 Trends in Politics and a Look Back at 2006

The year 2006 was a pivotal point in the present period politics of the United States. Of course every era has its political events of note, just like every election cycle has its main points of contention. The Midterm Elections were quite heated and the Democrat Modern Liberals took back both the Congress and the Senate. But it was not “Economy Stupid” because this time it was about Iraq and the United States involvement there. Indeed the economy and its performance was nothing short of stellar, nevertheless, this time the economy was not the main issue.

In 2006 we observed the mass media control much of the perception of the citizenry and literally their voting behaviors both on a national and local level. Indeed in the end all politics is local and personal. We witnessed unabashed personal attacks on the President of the United States in the media with a vigor never seen to that degree. So much so that it became fashionable to use hate speech to condemn the commander in chief. Guerilla politics and labeling the leadership “Unfit to Lead” became so common place that it dawned a new created reality.

Unlike after the 2004 elections in 2005 we saw a re-emergence of conservative thinking and Christian Values after the Presidential Election. Still the Democrat Modern Liberal viewpoints, anger and personal attacks continued from the opposition party. Thus all these factors caused a level of discontent in the mid-term elections of 2006. It is important to look both forward and in retrospect on the politics of each and every year to determine how this will shape future periods in American Politics.

In this book we will look at exactly how the opposition party’s attacks on the President’s Administration, media support and war cries helped the Democrats win so many seats in the Congress and Senate. We shall contemplate the affects of the opposition’s attacks that ensued and how this has changed our nation.

In hindsight every thing mush less convoluted, than in the middle of the sound and fury of the 2006 political year. Yet during all the chaos and controversy we see decisions were made, deals were brokered and policies shifted. I hope you will enjoy this topic on the Politics and Pure Opinions of 2006 and how it will affect politics in 2007 and approach this issue with an open mind and understand the challenges created, overcome or grew. Perhaps this article is of interest to propel thought in 2007?

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