Restoration Supplies

Restoration Supplies

There is nothing more satisfying to the handyman than restoring an old piece of furniture so that it not only remains useful but looks beautiful once again. Restoring furniture can be a consuming hobby or even a profession, but to do it satisfactorily you need ready access to the right kind of restoration hardware such as screws, knobs, handles and hinges.

Many older pieces of furniture would look odd with more modern fittings, especially if they are antiques. Cabinet hardware needs to be of the same or similar kind that the original cabinet had, as often these are rusted out or have broken. With just the right kind of cabinet hardware, an old dresser or any other kind of cabinet can soon be restored to its former glory.

Of course, some restoration work will change the original piece to make it look much more modern. Instead of a lacquer or an oil—based finish you might prefer to use paint to brighten up furniture, especially if it is intended for a child or teens bedroom. Porters Paints would then be a good choice for finishing off the cupboard, bed head or wardrobe.

Once the piece is sanded back and primed, any cracks or dents filled in with wood putty and sanded smooth, the piece will be ready for an undercoat and then a top coat in your choice of colour. New knobs on the doors will give it a pretty finishing touch. That old cupboard will soon be unrecognizable and able to take its place proudly in your redecorated room.

It is not always easy to get the right kind of restoration supplies, so once you find the store that has just what you need, you don’t want to lose contact details. Such stores may be found online, but many woodworkers and handymen like to browse through those dusty aisles to pick out their latest needs. Still, an online store should have clear pictures of the hardware they sell to make it a little easier to choose what you want.

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