Koi Supplies

Koi Supplies

Koi pond owners need to place a filter in the pond. This filter needs to be designed to uphold the quality of the water. By having a filter in your pond this will lessen the chance that your Koi will have any health issues.

The filters job is to remove unnecessary waste pollutants from the pond. You will also need to put in a pump as the only way a filtration system can process the water is if the water is moving. Needless to say a pump is exceptionally important to provide good health to your pond and your Koi.

It also helps to have a fountain or even a waterfall as this will aide in the waters movement. Plus they are another relaxing delight to have in your pool with the Koi. However you do need to remember that while they are supportive and beautiful fountains and waterfalls are not sturdy enough to provide the filtration needed in the pond all by themselves.

- Some pond supplies will not be used every day but still need to be kept close for when they are needed. You will need a de-chlorinator when you refill the level of water in your pond using tap water.

- Two things need to be checked weekly in your pond. This would be the nitrate level and the ph level. Pond owners can check these levels by purchasing test kits

- You should also keep baking soda or pond salt on hand as well.

Koi fish are prone to outdoor predators such as kingfishers, cats, or raccoons because of their bright brilliant colors. You will be able to keep your Koi safe by how you choose to design your pond. You can also buy a net which can be thrown over the pond. This would guarantee the safety of your Koi fish. A net would also prevent falling leaves from getting into the pool.

Not to be forgotten is the Koi food as this is an essential supply for your fish. Even though Koi eat a wide variety of foods it is still important to keep the basics food substances available.

Pond owners can now sit back, relax and enjoy the gorgeous colors and listen to the rippling waterfall. What a wonderful way to spend a summer evening after coming home from a long days work.

Jemma Wu is a Entrepreneur and Author of Raising Koi Hobbyist. She is a Koi fish hobbyist and enjoys writing articles to help others achieve and maintain healthy pond life. To learn more of her tips and techniques for Koi Care check out the website, http://www.KoiAnswers.com

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