Commercial Printing Basics

Commercial Printing Basics

Printing for paper, fabric, ceramic, and other materials is now very easy and affordable. This is the main reason why more and more people are trying to venture the commercial printing business. It has become the gold standard to rely on professional service rather than going to your local print shops.

With the big demand for this industry, one must be very familiar with the commercial printing basics. To fully understand the quality service and the competitive nature of the business, one must get to know the right questions to ask.

Understanding the basics of commercial printing is learning the jargons associated with the business. The terms RGB as well as CMYK are just some of the words that you would usually encounter in commercial printing basics. More than just jargons, there are paper weight, color options and file preparations.

RGB and CMYK are colors that are essential in running a commercial printing business. RGB stands for the colors Red, Blue, and Green or simply known as the primary colors in printing. On the other hand, the CMYK is for the colors Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black (K means Key – black being the key color when printing).

Aside from the color, you must also consider the resolution of the image as well. This refers to the number of dots for every inch of the image printed. The bigger the resolution of your image is, the higher would be the quality of the print. More often than not, the computer monitors are displaying only 72 DPI or dots per inch. Meanwhile, the result can have at least 300 DPI or even more.

Thanks to the different imaging software available, you can now clear up the images that look fuzzy and stretched. If you want a printed result that will always retain the image quality that customers are looking for, it would be best if you would only print images that have 300 DPI or more. Always remember that the lower the image resolution is the inferior would be the result.

You’ve now been equipped with the basic knowledge necessary to become a commercial printing expert. Use this information when inquiring about printing products and services.

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