Top tips for speeding Up your office computing hardware.

Top tips for speeding Up your office computing hardware.

This will add up to a situation where even the most basic necessities on a computer, such as attempting to open two programs to run simultaneously can create a significant slowdown, as well as causing overheating within the machine, which can cause a serious hardware fault.

These situations can be fully avoided with these straightforward tips that are inexpensive, quick and highly effective. Below are’s top tips for getting the most out of your office computers:

1. External hard drives – Regardless of the work that the office does, it is crucial to backup documents in case of drive malfunction. With an external hard drive, this is easily achievable as they are typically inexpensive and offer a large amount of space. This hardware is the perfect way to store a number of documents for future use, no matter what happens to the computer.

2. Buy a second router. Modern companies will spend a lot of their time online; whether they are building and maintaining sites or simply providing content, the world wide web is an integral part of a number of businesses. This can lead to many computers using the same hardware to connect, which can contribute to a major decrease in speed. However, with the use of two routers, you will notice a significant increase in internet speed and wireless reach.

3. De-fragment the system and get rid of older files – Some office workers may need to install programs that are for a single purpose, which is never needed again. Some programs will automatically set themselves to opening as soon as the computer boots, taking up valuable space and memory – you can, however, disable these at start-up or simply uninstall them. In the Control Panel of the computer, you will find ‘uninstall a program’, which is the easiest way to remove programs, or for stopping programs opening at start-up, press the windows key and R, type in msconfig.exe, navigate to the start up tab and un-tick programs that are not needed.

4. You may want to have a central hub. Sometimes computers can run slowly because they haven’t got enough memory, so you could install a central computer as a way to minimize your computer usage. This centralised computer would then run the whole system and it would be much more efficient. This would then allow you to connect to the central computer using a portable tablet, like an iPad. The you could look into macbook hire as it is much cheaper than buying one out right and can be easily upgraded.

5. Keep desktop minimal, just like your real desk. You will be able to work a lot better if you keep it tidy and clear. Keep your folders organised and if you’re feeling particularly ambitious, do it by date with separate folders. Whilst this will not vastly increase the speed of your computer, it will make planning and viewing documents considerably simpler.

6. Purchasing and installing the latest OS. Whilst this can often be an expensive option, there are a number of advantages to using the newest operating system. As computers age rapidly, an up-to-date OS is a fantastic way to maximise your compatibility with other programs.

There are a plethora of methods with which to increase the speed of computers – some of which are easier and cheaper to implement; however all are definitely worth using as they can help to simplify work and increase office productivity.

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