Autumn Earring Trends

Autumn Earring Trends

The most firmly set rules when it comes to fashion revolve around what is acceptable between Memorial Day and Labor Day. While white pants are totally off limits once Labor Day rolls by, that’s when you can finally bring your corduroys out of the closet. Colors should also mute when the air begins to crisp. Stow away those neon tank-tops you bought at the boardwalk and get the flannel shirts from the attic.

Of course there are other seasonal fashion rules that are far subtler. Jean shorts are fine in the summer, but only cut-off, not hemmed. V-neck shirts are one more piece of apparel that is fine only between those two holidays.

Sandals are another thing altogether and there are far too many rules to get into here. It is recommended that you avoid them completely, just to be safe. Get a pair of slip-ons instead.

While many of the seasonal fashion rules are obvious and ingrained in us, most individuals never consider that jewelry trends also change with the seasons. It’s true. Once again the rules for this are incredibly intricate and subtle. For simplicity’s sake, here are a few examples of earrings that are just perfect for autumn.

Sterling Silver Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Earrings

While the origins of the term are murky, most people in the northeastern United States are familiar with an “Indian summer.” Of course this is when you get a couple of inordinately nice days after the first frost has passed. One speculated root of this phrase is that this was the time of year when Native Americans would harvest their corn and squash crops.

Whichever way you slice it, those unpredictable days of warm weather just when you thought winter was upon you are an incredible treat. Celebrate your next Indian summer with a pair of earrings that feature a stone familiar to Native American culture.

While you won’t experience many Indian summers in the American southwest, you are sure to find a lot of pieces of turquoise jewelry. These gorgeous earrings are a fantastic representation of that culture.

Each of these earrings has a large Sleeping Beauty turquoise stone in the center, surrounded by 12 more around them. What, you may ask, is a Sleeping Beauty stone? Well, they are mined from one location; at Sleeping Beauty Mountain in Globe, Arizona, right in the heart of the Southwest!

Sterling Silver Amber Drop Earrings

Naturally, the easiest way to color-coordinate for the fall is to get all decked out in autumn colors. Of course, these colors have become synonymous with the hue of changing leaves.

The problem is that there aren’t a whole lot of precious gemstones that take on that distinctive color. To properly coordinate your outfit you will have to think a little bit outside the box.

While you might know amber as the thing they made dinosaurs out of in “Jurassic Park,” you probably didn’t know that it is also used in distinctive pieces of jewelry that are just perfect for the fall. The gorgeous color of amber is delightfully reminiscent of the fall.

The reason for this, however, is something you might find interesting. Amber is actually a fossilized resin that is formed from ancient plants. That’s right, the amber jewelry you wear may actually be made out of leaves that fell in the autumn tens of millions of years ago! What better way can you possibly imagine to honor the season, your sense of fashion, and the wonderful history of our natural world than with a pair of stunning amber drop earrings?

Silicoro™ White, Rose, Yellow or Tri-Color Triple Strand Hoop Earrings

There is one easy secret that can make your fall accessory choices incredibly simple. Obviously, we all know that gold looks better in the summer, while silver is best in the winter. Anything goes in the spring because everyone is just so excited it’s not freezing anymore, but what about the fall?

The fall is the perfect time to go with a rose-toned accessory. This color is absolutely perfect for that transitional time between summer and winter. All too often people go with the silver or gold option, neglecting the fact that for three months out of the year, rose-tone is the way to go.

And it should also be noted that hoop earrings are always acceptable, and encouraged. Strand hoops are a little trickier, and should never be worn to work events or black tie affairs. However they are ideal for cocktail parties. Why not pick up a pair for your next fall mixer?

Remember also that every fashion rule out there is made to be broken. It’s up to you to determine the rules for your life and for your personal style. With a little creativity, you can come up with an outfit involving any of these earrings .



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