The Impact Of Financial Crisis, Supplies Or Prices Of Japanese Original

The Impact Of Financial Crisis, Supplies Or Prices Of Japanese Original

Sony CEO Howard? Stringer sat in the new Minato, Tokyo Office Building like a long time and finally called in the widely reported that the Minister said to him: “Let the press conference was held, but the time to completion of the transaction on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.” Howard? Stringer was very aware : Sony’s press conference this time, the Tokyo stock market will bring about a major earthquake.

23 afternoon, after the market close in Tokyo, Sony’s press conference as scheduled. Howard? Stringer president declared, as Sony’s main battlefield overseas?? The operating results of the European market decline, while the euro continued to exchange Japanese yen soaring, the company expects operating profit in 2008 will drop substantially. So, Sony’s operating profit in 2008 from 430 billion yen target revised to 2,000 yen, dropping to 57%. Howard? President Stringer said, even so, and will not rule out the yen continued to rise higher and higher by the new exchange rate losses caused. Sony

this statement is that the U.S. financial crisis since the major multinational companies in Japan announced a significant reduction in the first profit target company, the publication soon become a “Sony shock” caused by the Japanese society and the international market vibration.

Cue, the Tokyo stock market opened the next day after the blew out, the Nikkei average broke through the psychological level of 8,000 points, down 9.8%, the highest 5 years 5 months, lowest since, after the collapse of the bubble economy from the lowest record only a thin 42 yen.

This scene, it became a global financial crisis on Japan’s real economy a severe blow to a symbol.

On the “Sony shock” after the stock market hit Tokyo, Toyota, Honda and Mitsubishi Electric, Kawasaki Heavy Industries are also boring not say anything. However, all the market participants have smelled the smell before the storm.

In fact, Toyota has revealed the “true features.” Toyota admits that in September this year, the company’s vehicle sales in the U.S. market dropped more than 32% over the same period last year, which is Toyota to enter the United States nearly 30 years since there has never been a big reduction. The market, this means that Toyota’s operating results in 2008 fell 2 percent at least, because the U.S. market accounted for sales and profit Toyota half share of overseas markets.

Toshiba forecast an internal operating results revealed that the company’s profit targets in 2008 at least 48% down. Within the next week, several large Japanese manufacturing companies have revised annual performance report to be published. Market estimates, when these companies announce results deteriorate, the Nikkei average hit its lowest level since the collapse of the bubble economy, the value has been just around the corner. Why this financial crisis will

real economy in Japan caused such a tremendous blow? Resin Industry Association, Japan Association gave this explanation: Japanese chemical company 68% of the production of resin is exported to China, these resins are used in the production of toys and resin tableware. 1 September this year, Japanese exports to China of the resin material 45% reduction. Why is there such a large export volume reduction? Because Chinese companies received orders for U.S. companies significantly reduced, so imports from Japan are also reduced.

For Japanese enterprises, reduced orders, capacity utilization decreased, the production line shutdown, layoffs take a pay cut just a part of a vicious cycle. The key is that in the past 10 days, the yen and the dollar rose 13 yen, breath advancing 90 yen to 1 U.S. dollar’s high standards. This means that the profits of Japanese companies overseas, while bad deal because of soaring yen. Decline in corporate profits slump means the stock price, this is the largest multinational companies in Japan such trouble.

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