The Key Elements to Hiring an Office Cleaning Company

The Key Elements to Hiring an Office Cleaning Company

When it comes to Office Cleaning Maryland business owners want fair pricing and quality service. But there is a hard truth about commercial janitorial services and that is that many so-called professional companies are anything but professional. They charge high fees and perform less-than-quality work. When it comes to office cleaning Maryland business owners and property managers deserve better than that. Now, they can have the quality services at reasonable fees with RJC Commercial Janitorial.

For those who are in need of quality office cleaning Maryland insiders will cite one thing above all others when it comes to selecting a company. That one thing is experience. While there may be inferior companies working in office cleaning services, most of these companies do not tend to stay in business for very long. Business owners and property managers know quality results when they see it, and they also know poor results when they see those. One indicator to a janitorial service’s quality is the length of time they have been in business.

RJC Commercial Janitorial has been in business for nearly thirty years. Throughout this time, they have been providing the highest quality office cleaning possible for their clients. It is because of their dedication to high quality service that they have been able to retain so many of their long-time customers in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC. RJC Commercial Janitorial understands that on-site supervision is a key element to achieving outstanding results when it comes to office cleaning.

On-site supervision means more than simply having someone on the job who acts as “boss”. An on-site supervisor must speak English, be knowledgeable and experienced about the various tasks that must be performed, and be able to make things right when he or she discovers deficiencies. But while supervisors are critical to overall quality, the employees must also meet high standards.

At RJC Commercial Janitorial all of their employees undergo extensive training and background checks. These checks are performed to ensure the customer’s safety. New employees are given extensive training in the most effective green cleaning solutions as well as training of how to properly use the company’s state-of-the-art equipment. Even though RJC Commercial Janitorial insists on top notch training for its employees, they also have one of the highest employee retention rates in the Maryland area.

For ten years running, RJC Commercial Janitorial has been recognized as the “GSA Top Federal Contractor of the Year” in the Baltimore/Washington Corridor. They work with a variety property management companies, privately owned companies, the US government, and defense contractors. As such they are an excellent option for those who must hire vendors who understand security protocols. Their staff will work closely with your security personnel and follow your protocols to ensure the security of your facility.

To learn more about commercial office cleaning Maryland business owners and property managers should visit the RJC website. Complete information concerning their services is available at the site, including information about the history of the company and how they have become one of Maryland’s premier office cleaning companies.


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