A few tips for maintaining your office computers

A few tips for maintaining your office computers

Under this strain, you will find that even running two programs side-by-side can cause a significant slowdown, as well as forcing the computer to overheat to compensate for the lack of speed, which can cause a serious hardware fault.

You can prevent any harm to your machine by following these simple tips that require very little technological knowledge. These are top factors for getting the most out of your office computers:

1. Portable hard drive – Regardless of what work is being completed in the office, it is crucial to backup documents in case of drive malfunction. This can quickly achieve with the use of an external hard drive, the majority of which are typically inexpensive and offer a large amount of space. This is the ideal method of securing documents for use on other computers in the future.

2. Invest in a second router. Most modern companies use services online; whether they are researching, conducting surveys or advertising, the internet plays a major part for many businesses. This can create a number of connections on a single piece of hardware, which can cause speed and connections to drop. However with two routers, you can afford yourself faster internet, greater security, a backup (if one router malfunctions) and increase wireless network reach.

3. Delete old files and de-fragment your system – Some office workers may need to install programs that are for a single purpose, which is never needed again. Some of these programs may open on start-up, taking up valuable space and memory – it is easy, however, to prevent this and uninstall them completely Simply open the control panel and click on ‘uninstall’, or for disabling at start-up, run msconfig.exe, go to start up tab and un-tick unnecessary programs.

4. You may want to have a central network. Nine times out of ten computers will run slowly due to insufficient memory, to solve this you could have a central computer and then connect it to personal computers. This central computer would then have all the memory that you need and it would not be as slow as your current system. As a result, you could connect to the network by making use of a tablet device, e.g. an iPad. And then you could research laptop Hire, as a laptop can still give you all the benefits of a stand alone machine.

5. Keep desktop screen clear, imagine your desktop screen as your worktop. You will be able to work a lot better if you keep it tidy and clear. Keep your folders organised – you could also sort them with dated folder. This will not produce a great speed increase for your computer but it will make planning and viewing documents considerably simpler.

6. Keep up-to-date with latest OS. This may seem an expensive measure, but installing the latest operating systems can provide a significant advantage to your business. As software is consistently being upgraded, it is vital to use an up-to-date operating system.

There are an array of ways to increase the speed of computers – a percentage of which may prove time-consuming to install; however all are significantly beneficial as they can help to make work easier and boost productivity and employee morale.

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