Interior decor trends

Interior decor trends

Recently, there have been signs that interior décor trends have begun to change. There has been a move away from the quirky look that celebrates innovative, one off furniture pieces to more traditional, familiar pieces. Where the previous trend, that dominated the interior décor magazines of the last few years (as well as many Cape Town holiday homes) held the individual as well as a nostalgia for childhood in high regard, the new trend is about a renewed sense of heritage (particularly that of England) and convention, while embracing some 21st century practices.


While the new trend celebrates England and references many English activities such as horse riding and cricket, it manages to retain the Current practice, established by the previous trend of recycling or reusing materials to produce new ones. So one will still find many furniture items produced from recycled materials in much Cape Town rental accommodation, they may just take a more familiar form. Crafts will also be incorporated more and more into luxury apartments Cape Town.


The colour palettes that are said to feature in any holiday apartments in Cape Town are greys, pewter offset with white, indigo-blue and white, duck-egg and cream, brinjal and plum, as well as ochre, maize and chartreuse yellow.


Some elements will feature greatly in holiday resorts in Cape Town, such as map motifs, Persian carpets as opposed to the recent suzani trends, and central ceiling lights as opposed to the halogen down lighting of recent years.


However the trend for playing with scale in homes and holiday rentals in Cape Town has become an established design trait of the 21st century and is definitely here to stay. That means that we will continue to see large scale furniture in small spaces and collections of small objects in larger spaces in many a luxury apartment Cape Town.





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