Real Estate In Dehradun

Real Estate In Dehradun

Are you looking for a holiday home, a villa, multistoried apartment or a residential house in Dehradun? It is no longer difficult to get any of these properties in Dehradun. Real estate in Dehradun is booming like in all other places. The options before you to buy your dream house never got better than how it is today. Dehradun property prices are also rising steadily and it is a very good investment too. There are many reasons for this demand in real estate in Dehradun.

With the metros stagnating, the private firms and multinational companies are venturing into smaller towns with huge prospects of growth. In the northern region of India, Dehradun has become the hot favorite of these investors. With the growth of jobs in Dehradun, the need for developing real estate in Dehradun has also increased immensely. Both the state and central government have created many Special Economic Zones (SEZ) mainly for IT development. The creation of these SEZs has also made investors come into the hill station. Dehradun is also an emerging educational destination with many institutions coming up around the town. The government is also giving adequate incentives to set up these educational institutes. This is another reason why Dehradun real estate is booming.

Private properties are also being built in Dehradun. In fact the scenario is such that the both residential and commercial properties have appreciated almost three times in the past year.  Another reason for the boom of Dehradun real estate is that it has become a major tourist attraction of the country. This demand obviously calls for developing world class resorts, hotels, holiday homes and villas. There are many who like to retreat to the Garhwal hills to escape the scorching summers and look for good houses. Dehradun property is thus getting more takers than ever before.  Many builders from other parts of the country are also showing immense interest in this ‘land of drona’. Thus better buildings with better materials and innovative designs are becoming a part of the landscape.

What makes Dehradun such an attraction for property dealers is its pleasant climate, good infrastructure like uninterrupted water and power supply, low crime rates etc. Coupled with all these reasons is the fact that Dehradun has a glorious history behind it with Indian Military Academy, Forest Research Institute and many illustrious schools being in the town.

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