Zhuhai 1 / 3 Of Sme Business Failures Supplies Poured 709 – Supplies, Office Supplies – Office

Zhuhai 1 / 3 Of Sme Business Failures Supplies Poured 709 – Supplies, Office Supplies – Office
Financial turmoil, SMEs, big impact by governments at all levels have increased efforts to support SMEs. Reporter yesterday learned from the Zhuhai Economic and Trade Bureau Bureau of SMEs, in October of this year, in Zhuhai were closed down 709 small and medium enterprises, yet new business 3252. Zhuhai will use special funds to assist SMEs in financing, developing the domestic market.

Affected, lack of business confidence According to Economic and Trade Bureau statistics show that in October of this year, in Zhuhai were closed down 709 small and medium enterprises, yet new enterprise 3252, the new company covering real estate, Lease , Business services and wholesale and retail industries. In this regard, Economic and Trade Bureau Chief of Zhang Ji introduced for SMEs, enterprises under the laws of the market failure is the normal metabolism, can not fully blame the financial crisis. Zhang Ji

but introduced to the secondary industry in performance-based SMEs in Zhuhai City, or by a lot of impact, information technology, supplies and other job at risk large supplies industry closed down about 1 / 3. Most affected is the export-oriented enterprises, greater decline year on year growth rate of exports, the external loss of confidence caused the lack of confidence in business development.

“Fewer orders, companies are also smaller and daring. Subject to the impact of supply and demand, and many would have had a good momentum of development of the enterprise, they began not to scale, replacement of equipment. But from another side, the financial tsunami under great external pressure, also prompted the company to upgrade their management level, through the operation of the internal and reasonable to reduce costs. “Zhang Ji said.

It is reported that the current state of the market as “deflation” of the location, means that raw material prices have declined signs. “As long as companies get through the credit crisis while ago, the next day will loose a lot.” Zhang Ji, of the subsequent development of SMEs remain optimistic.

Government funds as early as possible “rescue”

According to reports, this year, in Zhuhai budget for 340 million yuan to support industry development fund, as of September 2008, total company has invested 110 million yuan project is approved the business process technology R & D projects, technical renovation projects, financing secured system project, SME service system projects, energy conservation projects, students and other kinds of business projects to support the project of about 100 million yuan. Arrange 20 million yuan to increase special funds to support enterprises, mainly used to support enterprises to develop the domestic market, the bank loans, business loans for technical transformation and benefits discount.

“There are 36,000 small and medium enterprises in Zhuhai, Zhuhai, accounting for 80% -85% GDP, the government has always attached great importance to the survival of SMEs.” Zhang Ji introduced the next government will focus on use of special funds to help businesses finance loans , business loan interest subsidies to support the technological transformation of enterprises, to support SMEs in the domestic market, and other means to support small and medium enterprises.

Learned that the Government funding will focus on the advantages of enterprise and project support, but do not waste money in the face of the closure of enterprises, and will create superior enterprises Library, focus on mature enterprises to track and solve their problems in the development . Admission of funds, will be reflected in an “early” word, as far as possible to prevent enterprises suffering in the first place.

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