How To Read The Hard Disk Completely Solve The Problem Vista Wild-win7-office Supplies Industry

How To Read The Hard Disk Completely Solve The Problem Vista Wild-win7-office Supplies Industry
You encountered when using the system MicrosoftWindowsVista mad reading the hard disk, hard disk light flash crazy to you? Is not felt very sad for your hard drive then? You can try the following method, Yasumasa make your Vista work quietly.

Solution 1

Win + R Run the following command:


To protect your hard drive, install Vista to do a few things

1. Close VolumeShadowCopy services in Vista in many File , Folder Have a look at property in the early version of the option, I would like this feature on the vast majority of people do not use it? Win + R to open services.msc, find VolumeShadowCopy, is set to Disabled

2. Close all the System Restore partition: in my computer properties advanced years close all the System Restore partition

3. Close all partitions Disk Clean-up scheduled tasks in the letter on the point of property, order to find the disk, the “plan Defrag” and remove the hook

4. Close the file contains the large compression and indexing, the drive letter / folder right click to remove the index file to speed up the search speed, right click in the folder, Properties, Advanced, turn off “Compressed file save space, “” index file to speed up the search for speed “

5. Close WindowsSearch service.

6. Close Superfetch service

Solution 2

“On” Vista to use, the hard disk light always flashes “solution

Many of my friends install vista, the boot will have a very long time of hard disk light flash phenomenon mad, but the computer has become very slow to open “process manager”, cpu utilization is not very high, almost 100 %. Then pay attention to whether there is a look at one called “taskeng.exe” the process of cpu use, if it is high, Congratulations, you can use my method to solve:

1, bottom left corner of the “Start” – “All Programs” – “Accessories” – “System Tools”, find the “Task Scheduler” and run.

2, in the “Task Scheduler” to the left, expand “Task Scheduler Library” – Microsoft – Windows, and to find their “MObilePC” item, click on the two tasks after the middle name will appear HotStart and TMM .

3, double-click the TMM, the pop-up box, select the “Triggers” tab, under which the see the “log”, double-click him, a box pops up again, “Edit Trigger” in the bottom of a ” Enable “option is checked, and remove the front hook, OK to exit.

4, restart the computer to see if the hard disk light will start 30 seconds after the turn crazy, open the “process manager”, and then see if there are “taskeng.exe” long 100% cpu utilization . If after 30 seconds after booting the computer hard disk is not mad reading all OK on it!

5, if the boot still have more than one minute after the mad turn and “taskeng.exe” 100%, re-entering the “Task Scheduler”, the former seven (if you want to use the “MediaCenter”, to stop it) in all of canceled all scheduled tasks, and then restart to see, are generally OK.

With the above operation, if all is well, your computer speed should be improved, no longer as before, Which will lead to ultra-slow after boot! Memory usage will be reduced a lot!

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