Planning Your Office Christmas Party

Planning Your Office Christmas Party

If it’s down to you to make this year’s office Christmas bash the most successful in company history then you’ll need to start planning now! If you can get the basics right then the stage is set for the perfect party and you can relax and enjoy the fun.

It might seem ludicrously early to even begin thinking about celebrating Christmas but if you want your company to have a night to remember it’s worth making that extra effort and hopefully everyone will thank you for it!

Decide on a budget

Find out from the outset what your budget will be because your party depends on it! There’s no use making big, elaborate plans if there just isn’t the money there but don’t worry if the cash doesn’t match your expectations it won’t have any bearing on how much fun you can have. As long as everyone is clear from the outset, there shouldn’t be any nasty surprises in store for bosses or staff.

Who’s Who

You’ll need to know very early on who will be invited to this year’s Christmas party. Is it purely for staff or will clients or suppliers be on the guest list too? And don’t just assume it will be the same as last year. Budget constraints may mean clients aren’t invited this year, or maybe your company is asking partners of staff along for a change. And if the company is split across several sites and departments then you’ll need to know if you are organising one big celebration or a smaller, more intimate get together.

Name the day

Be realistic when deciding on a date. Whichever day you decide upon there will always be someone who can’t attend. Don’t try and please everyone, just book early and make sure everyone knows well in advance and if you have refusals don’t take it to heart. If you want to maximise your company’s attendance then sending out a group email with a selection of dates to choose from might be in order, but even then you will always end up excluding someone. Depending on how busy your office gets at Christmas time you may decide to have your party slightly earlier than most, and there is an increasing trend to wait until January when diaries are less full and prices are cheaper!

Booking a venue

Location is key here. Once you know a date and roughly how many people will be on the guest list it’s time to start thinking about your venue. Once you have decided on the type of venue, whether it be a hotel, pub, nightclub or restaurant, the most important factor consideration is the location. It makes sense to have the party relatively near the office so everyone is familiar with transport links. However glitzy the destination, staff are unlikely to want to make the trip to a different town or part of London with no means of getting home. If you must do it, then consider laying on transport to a recognised location, such as a main train station or tube stop.

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