Four design tips for your Charing Cross office building

Four design tips for your Charing Cross office building

The interior design of Charing Cross offices has become particularly important as it can exhibit creative flair with little effort. It is also highly beneficial to equip an Charing Cross office with useful facilities as this will further increase the wow factor of the company, as well as increasing employee morale and upping the value of your work premises.

However, with a slew of Charing Cross based companies already taking notice of this necessity, it could become difficult to set your company apart from others and demonstrate a unique style. As result, has come up with top tips to create a stylish, functional and highly profitable Charing Cross office environment.

1. Wireless internet open to clients: You would be hard pushed to find a company that does not use the internet in some way today; however many Charing Cross companies insist on using cable connections as opposed to wireless connection. Whilst this might seem a logical safety measure, it won’t impress clients that much – particularly as a number of them will use smartphones that can connect to the internet, potentially wirelessly.

Clients would be highly grateful and impressed to surf the internet at your offices – however, it may not be clever to provide an unprotected, free service, as this could be leeched by other users, but it would be a good service to provide clients with the password. Not only will clients be able to check their e-mails, they can also use their online software, potentially helping to speed up the securing of a business deal, providing a significant benefit to your company.

2. Artistic displays: Decoration can really brighten up bare walls in a Charing Cross office. Your choice of art is generally dependant on the field your company is in – an advertising agency may place old work on the walls, however there are plenty of design companies based in Charing Cross that should be able to work to your specification. In fact, my WC2 office that was found on had their interiors fully designed by leading Charing Cross tradesmen and designers.

3. Furnishings featuring a company logo: You’ve already got the clients in your buildings so why continue to advertise or reiterate the company name? Basically, repetition is the ideal to make a name stick in a clients mind and an office themed on the company significantly increases the distinction and impressiveness of the business. This can be seen in a number of offices such as Twitter, who use the design of their website as the basis of their office colour scheme. It is also a good idea to put previous work onto the walls as well as critic reviews, as this can help to improve productivity with a boost of employee morale and show recognition of good work.

4. Open plan workplace: An open plan is one of the most effective ways to impress clients as well as strengthen staff relationships and make use of office space. This is particularly useful for SMES as using the office space to disperse staff around the environment can be extremely valuable, as this can show that the company is confident and successful. It also shows flexibility, creative flair and a willingness to adapt – vital for efficient business success and growth.

Essentially, it is up to your company to decorate your Charing Cross working environment in your way with the best cost-effectiveness. These are some straightforward recommendations to consider and will help to optimise the layout and potential of your business.

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