Real Estate Townsville

Real Estate Townsville
Waterfront property has always, and always will be, hot property. For Townsville, which hugs both the Coral Sea and Ross River, waterfront property is scattered across the postcodes.

Craig Allom of Ray White New Projects said waterfront property offers buyers a sense of prestige, of being part of an exclusive, desired community.

Everyone knows that water views – whether ocean, lake, river or marina – add value to a property because they not only add to the aesthetics of the view, they also add to the lifestyle the occupants will enjoy,” Mr Allom said.

“Of course, water supply is one of the key resources that saw Townsville settled in the first place and since then the city’s enhanced water supply has helped land it on recognised property commentator Terry Ryder’s Hot Spot list over and over again.

“Ryder classes Townsville as an ‘Oasis Hot Spot’ due to our good supply of water compared to other southern cities. With our three dams and high rainfall, we are in a great situation in comparison; a city can have all the high-rises and all the roads it can afford, but if there’s no water, the people cannot exist there with any quality of life.

“Our water situation has attracted residents over time and now we have all types of waterfront property in our product stocks.”

Mr Allom said that Townsville’s waterfront property is varied from expensive beach, river and marina-side mansions and luxury units to beach shacks and bungalows.

“There is a hierarchy within this waterfront property family that goes from the top – ocean, marina, river, lake.

“I’m sure not many people would question why oceanfront property tops the list,” he said.

“Much of it comes down to exclusivity and demand – when there isn’t much of something, but lots of people want it, value increases.

“We are lucky to live a city that has numerous residential coastal suburbs like North Ward, Rowes Bay, Pallarenda, Toolakea, Toomulla, Bushland Beach and the rest of the northern beaches.

Strand-fringe suburbs like Castle Hill, Belgian Gardens and Townsville City also host some of Townsville’s most expensive homes. These hills hold the record for the highest house sale prices in Townsville, with a Castle Hill property topping the list at $ 3.85 million.

Meanwhile, Breakwater Quays at Breakwater Marina holds the record for the highest selling land with a lot going for $ 1.25 million. Magnetic Island was the previous record holder, with a lot at Nobby’s Headland going for $ 1.2 million.

Breakwater Quays, the exclusive waterfront gated estate at the marina, has recorded two sales over $ 1,200,000 each in the past two months, demonstrating the current high demand for quality marina-side property.

“Breakwater Quays’ prestigious freehold titles each have shared 18m freehold pontoons that allow the home owner to moor a boat at their back door. It’s pretty easy to see why these blocks are worth their price tags.”

Mr Allom said developed riverfront locations like Riverside Gardens, Fairfield Waters and parts of Mundingburra and Aitkenvale are also in high demand.”;>Real Estate Townsville – For All Your Property Needs

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