Notice Board Give The Office A Professional Look

Notice Board Give The Office A Professional Look

Office supplies facilitate systematic and organized working and give each and every workplace a professional look. White board is one such office supply which is used by almost all the offices during presentations, meetings and discussions. White boards are also used by schools, universities and institutions. Notice boards or pin boards are used by schools, colleges and offices as well.

Notice boards are used in schools, colleges and offices. Notice boards are usually made of wood and have a coloured surface made of cloth. Notice boards are used to put up important notices. In offices notice boards are used to put up information such as attendance details of employees, important announcements, news paper cuttings stating the company’s achievements etc. In schools and colleges notice boards are used to put up students’ attendance sheets, exam details, exam results as well as other information such as placement offers, training programs etc.

White boards are an easy substitute of chalk board. Writing on the white board avoids chalk dust and thus preventing people who are allergic to it to fall sick. White boards also give the office a stylish and professional appearance. You can use a marker of any colour on a whiteboard thus making things look more motivating when you are giving a presentation or discussing the targets and annual income of your office. Also, white boards can be cleaned easily without hassles. There are some white boards that can also be used as a projector screen.

There are magnetic white boards which are resin coated. These white boards are steel based and can accept magnets. These white boards are durable and can be cleaned easily. Also, magnetic duster and magnetic pen can be stuck on a magnetic white board. There are white boards that have a ceramic steel coating which is given on a high temperature. These types of white boards are scratch proof. These ceramic steel magnetic white boards are more durable than the magnetic white board and come in glossy matt finish. White boards with matt finish are used for writing and also work as a projector screen. Also, these white boards are scratch proof as well as bacterial and graffiti resistant.

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