Postcard Stock And Supplies

Postcard Stock And Supplies


There is more to postcards than just a pretty picture on some glossy paper! If you plan on selling, mailing or simply enjoying postcards, consider these key elements to postcard stock and supplies:

Postcard Stock: Card stock is the stiff and rigid paper that postcards are typically printed upon.

It is measured one of two ways, by point size (the thickness of the sheet) and weight.

The paper usually comes in 8.5 x 11 (inch) sheets so it fits in any printer.

Of course you’ll have to cut the card into the postcard size you need.

This sort of postcard stock can be picked up at most office supply stores, however, some companies offer their postcard stock paper pre-perforated to save time.

What Postcard Supplies Do You Need?

White, though versatile, is thankfully not the only option when it comes to postcard stock colors.

Postcard Stamps

The common postcard stamp can be picked up at the local post office. The price varies between different countries, but for a general idea, in the United States they cost roughly 27 cents.

However, just like the postcard itself, why settle for the boring stuff? You can make your own custom postcard stamps, or browse their special postage collections. Not just for posterity, they act as real postage – officially authorized by the United States Postal Service.

Postcard Frames

Just like how you wouldn’t stash a really special photo in a dusty old album, the same goes for postcards. A postcard frame will show off and preserve your postcards, and are a thoughtful decorating alternative. Single frames are the norm, but some can hold two or four postcards.

Because of their handy size, a regular photo frame that you can get at any home decor store can be used.

Postcard Racks and Display Units:

If you’re in the business of selling postcards, the only way to get the exposure they need is through the use of postcard racks and displays. These utilities hold the cards and showcase them cleanly with little to obtrude them.

Postcard display rack

You may be familiar with spinner racks, which are placed on a counter or on the floor and have the ability to rotate like a carousel for easy browsing.

Their convenient spinning ability and the amount of cards they can hold make these types of postcard racks a popular, space saving option.

Counter displays are similarly compact, but can contain far less cards. These would be useful if you only had a few postcards to begin with, or if you want to call special attention to particular designs.

Mountable wall racks have the advantage of making every postcard equally visible, and are for the most part cheaper than spinners. Lastly, portable trolleys make the postcards easy to transport and move from one location to another with just a push.

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