Basic Information about a Local Real Estate Acquisitions Company in Wichita

Basic Information about a Local Real Estate Acquisitions Company in Wichita

With a population of around 382,000 people, it is pretty much a given that Wichita is the largest city in the state of Kansas. The city was first incorporated in the late 1800’s and it was mainly a destination for those who were looking to get into the cattle and fur trades of the time. Today, however, there are plenty of people who call this place home and they all have to live somewhere. Thanks to companies like Liberty Asset Management in Wichita, the people are never far from the reach of properties to buy or rent. This company specializes in buying up commercial and residential properties and fixing them up to either sell or rent out.

Liberty Asset Management in Wichita was begun in 2001 by a man named Daniel Drake. From day one, it was a business that was always in the market for great properties that they could buy for low prices and fix up so they could be sold for a profit. It was also very important to the company that they keep and maintain a portfolio of rental properties so that there would always be a steady cash flow into the business. This made for great financial business sense and it is what has helped the company to thrive right on into 2012 – its 11th year of being in business.

In the year that the company celebrated a decade of being in business, Liberty Asset Management in Wichita got a new headquarters. Its central location in the city ensures that every single one of their rental properties there can be serviced quickly. It was a major thing that the company got a new headquarters and what better time to do it than when they were celebrating having been in business for ten whole years. They say if you survive your first year as a business, you have done well. However, to survive ten years and already be in your 11th is no small feat.

The powers that be at Liberty Asset Management in Wichita know what it takes to make a successful business. It takes much more than money. A good business has to have people with good business sense behind the scenes and running the show. Many businesses have started out as good ideas, but then had bad decision makers running the show. Those businesses eventually folded, but companies like this one still continue to thrive even in tough economic situations like the U.S. faces today.

See what advantages Liberty Asset Management Wichita can offer you. 

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