10 Reasons Why You Might End Up Renting The Wrong Office Space

10 Reasons Why You Might End Up Renting The Wrong Office Space

Choosing the most suitable commercial property for lease for your enterprise is not the simplest of decisions, but it can often be a decision that is not granted the careful evaluation it really deserves.

Again and again I come across business colleagues who with the benefit of hindsight, would not have chosen to rent the particular office space that they currently work from. The reason given is regularly that “we had to rush to change offices”, or “we didn’t think cautiously enough about every aspect of the new office space”. Whatever the reason, bad choices are made which as a result have all the inconvenience associated with working in an environment that you aren’t happy with, or yet another move.

So below I have compiled a straight forward list of some of the disregarded issues that can throw a spanner in the works. Little doubt there are more but here’s my list:

1. The lift is very small but you presume this will certainly not be an issue as there will not be a situation wher you’ll fight for space. A couple of weeks of squeezing in or charging up the stairs will soon grate on you.

2. On the days the office space was checked out the car park looked to offer sufficient spaces for staff and clients but they are persistently full.

3. There is not an inviting and comfortable area for sitting down with a client over a tea and biscuits.

4. The office space itself constantly looks and feels too cramped. Staff continually complain about the distinct lack of space.

5. The traffic near the office development is continuously busy and during the rush hour it’s chaos.

6. The office area doesn’t have enough natural light so has a dim feel.

7. Air conditioning is installed but it’s definitely not efficient. Consequently the staff are persistently hanging out of the windows (slight exaggeration but you get the picture).

8. The building is just plain ugly. This might not appear to be a big deal but try looking at it 52 weeks a year.

9. The office development doesn’t offer any proper audio visual facility for meetings etc. This might not seem very important but a professional quality AV room is a really good way to impress you clients.

10. The coffee machine makes dreadful coffee.

So there you go. A few light-hearted examples in there but the message is serious. Make certain that you give this important decision all the care and attention it deserves. If you don’t, you may be drinking lousy coffee for a long time.

The author works in the design industry and is currently based in Surrey. For excellent London Investment Property he recommends BrayFoxSmith and for Borehamwood Office Space he suggests Wallace House Welwyn and The Waterfront Elstree.

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