Types of Commercial Safes and Why They Are Important For Your Security

Types of Commercial Safes and Why They Are Important For Your Security

Commercial properties including offices, businesses and stores often fall victim to robberies, vandalism and burglaries. They can be a target of planned burglary by outsiders or their own employees too.  These unfortunate incidents often take place because the security systems and commercial safes of the establishments are not efficient. There can be massive losses in terms of cash, valuable items, important documents and other essentials that would translate to further business loss. Thus commercial establishments need special attention and security to protect their valuables.

There are different types of commercial safes available, each having a unique purpose and functionality. Let’s talk about some of them here:

Fire resistant commercial safe: Records show that almost 80% businesses experience bankruptcy after being affected by a fire. Apart from property loss, the most important losses are those incurred by destruction of business data, crucial documents and credentials, as well as other valuables that are stored on the premises. You can keep all your valuables and documents safe from a fire hazard by keeping them in a fire safe. Fire safes are specially design and built to resist fire for up to 2 hours.

Electronic commercial safe: This option is considered safer when compared to common lock style safes that businesses use. You can store money, backup data as well as your important documents in this without the fear of the lock being picked. They operate electronically and prove to be more of a challenge for burglars to crack. However, there are exceptions, so you need to make sure you buy one of these with advanced security features from a reputed brand.

Data commercial safe: These safes are designed and constructed especially for the secure storage and protection of CDs, flash drives, memory cards, and other storage devices as well as business documents. You can’t afford to lose information pertaining to your sales, insurance, tax, or client records and databases else the results could be disastrous. It is almost impossible to retrieve such data if it is lost or destroyed unless of course you have a backup stored elsewhere.  You can purchase data safes that also offer fire resistance.

Criminal damage and fire damage are two major concerns pertaining to the security of commercial documents and valuables. You need to evaluate the options available as well as your requirements and budget before you buy a commercial safe. Alexandria in Virginia witnesses a number of break-ins, burglaries and thefts in offices and stores despite having well guarded premises. So if you operate a store or office in this area it’s always good to take preventive measures instead of leaving the security of your valuables up to chance.

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