Al Futtaim Group And Its Contribution In Real Estate

Al Futtaim Group And Its Contribution In Real Estate

Dubai is undoubtedly the richest state and has no comparison in the whole world and you can see the biggest and richest business groups working in Dubai with a extensively spread network and the whole new look of Dubai is the courtesy of these business groups which maintain their worth and status by developing the bets ideas and concepts in the concrete form and beautify Dubai more than ever and continue to play their role positive role in the development of the state. Among such elite business groups is included Al Futtaim Group which is a multinational corporation and has many entirely different business types running successfully. This group has the credit of building Dubai festival city and the people who visited, and of course, who are a part of this project know very well about the festival towers and hyperpanda Dubai festival city.

This group is counted in the main stream groups of the UAE and they work globally in many directions with a lot of subsidiary bodies and they are controlled by one parent company. Currently, this group has its involvement in automotive, technology, services, retail, hotels, financial services, and the real estate. In the real estate, they have the credit of developing the Festival City Centers in Dubai, Cairo and Doha.

Dubai festival city is highlighted and known spot in the real estate sector and it has been contracted by the real estate subsidiary of Al-Futtaim Group. It occupies 5.2 million square feet on the land stretched on 3 kilometers on Dubai Creek. It is a waterfront community is linked to the supreme standard amenities.

In Dubai festival city, you can see and take the advantage of the unsurpassed residential housing, the finest shopping centers, best dining with international food serving restaurants, the most enjoyable leisure & entertainment activities, international hotels, a big golf course, premium quality education providing schools, the automotive park and the commercial offices for business entities. This community really serves in every aspect and you may not find any flaw or shortage of any facility instead you feel the festivity every day with the active lifestyle and availability of amenities which you can ever wonder for to have at the place where you live.

It is internally linked by 30 kilometers interior road network. The people can purchase as well as lease the freehold villas and apartments which hare built with the combination of conventional and present-day construction designs and it caters 50,000 inhabitants in 20,000 villas and apartments along with 50,000 office workers.

In such a big waterfront community, you can see the Festival Towers situated in the flourishing resort district which is a 33-storey business centre covering the area of 530,000 sq ft offering the spacious and first-class office space to the business entities and it gives the sight of incomparable 360 degrees of Dubai skyline and Creek. Al Futtaim Group has really made a wonderful contribution in the real estate by establishing this project with unmatched features and you will also the hyperpanda Dubai festival city there as well.

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