No.1-depth Understanding Of Community Is What The Printer – Printer, Office Equipment – Office

No.1-depth Understanding Of Community Is What The Printer – Printer, Office Equipment – Office
The world’s first needle Printer Centronics introduced by the company may be technically perfect that time, no promotion of the market, so few people remember it. Until the September 1968 launch by the Seiko Corporation EP-101 dot matrix printer, this is being hailed as the first commercialization of the needle printer.

60 late Xerox invented the first laser printer.
The world’s first inkjet printer was born in 1984, the HP company.
1992 of Lenovo Group, the inventor of the laser printer?? U.S. XEROX Corporation Cooperation , Developed the first generation of Chinese laser printer.

1976, the first inkjet printer was born.
Inkjet printing technology as early as 1960 it was suggested, but after 16 years the first commercial inkjet printer was born in IBM, the original IBM4640 Swedish Lutheran adoption of the European Institute of Technology professor Hertz and his colleagues have developed, called continuous inkjet technology. The so-called continuous ink jet, is both impressed and non-image areas, all the way to produce a continuous drops, and then recycled or non-image areas of the droplet dispersion. But this technology is almost a way to drop print dots to the paper, the effect of the difference can imagine, so in reality there is no practical value.

1976, the piezoelectric control technology dots appeared.
And IBM4640 same year, the Siemens technology, the three pioneer researcher Zoltan, Kyser and Sear R & D in the same year the successful development of piezoelectric ink point control techniques (EPSON technology’s predecessor) and its successful application in SeimensPt-80 on The printer sales volume in 1978, becoming the world’s first inkjet printer has a commercial value.

1979 , Bubble Jet Bubble Jet technology came
Japanese researchers successfully developed Canon BubbleJet bubble inkjet technology that use heating component in the nozzle will Ink Instant heat bubbles forming pressure, which the ink from the nozzle, then using the physical properties of the ink itself, cooling hot spots to make bubble fade, to blot out and to control the size of a dual purpose. The reference to a story of the company, in July 1977 of the day, Meguro-ku, Tokyo Institute of Technology of Canon products 22 Ichiro Endo Research Office, in a laboratory, the accidental injection of the heated iron on the When the needle attachment, the needle quickly from flying out of the ink. This has inspired two years after the invention of the bubble-jet technology.

At the same time, HP also invented the same technology with nature, HP and Canon are all claiming that their own research first invented inkjet printing technology, in order to establish their own position in the field of inkjet printing. However, “bubble” concept has been snatched Canon, HP had this name ThermalInk-Jet.

1980 8 , Canon bubble the first time its inkjet technology into its inkjet printer Y-80. This marked the beginning of the history of inkjet printers.

1991, the first color inkjet printer, large format printers appear
HP HP deskjet500C is the world’s first color inkjet printer, in June 1994, the domestic emerge transformed by the local product HPDeskJet 525Q. HPDesignJet is the first time HP thermal inkjet printing technology into large-format printer, introduced the world’s first color large format inkjet printers. Color inkjet printer, large format inkjet printer to print all the history of the emergence of the most important milestone.

1994, the Micro Piezo print technology came
Early 70s last century, Epson began the research of piezoelectric technology, after nearly 20 years, finally succeeded in Micro Piezo print technology for printers in the field, to achieve a product of. The basic principle of micro-voltage technique is to place a number of tiny piezoelectric inkjet print head to near the nozzle, using the ink in the voltage deformation occurs under the principle, so that the nozzle of the ink ejected at the surface of the output medium pattern.

Since then, the Epson intelligent ink droplets transform, natural color reproduction technology, such as ultra-fine ink droplets; Canon’s professional photo optimization, Four-color control technology; HP PhotoREt layer technology, intelligent color enhancement technology. Inkjet printers are further enhanced the technical content.

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