How To Erp Systems And Software Reasonable Price – Management Software, Office Software – Office

How To Erp Systems And Software Reasonable Price – Management Software, Office Software – Office
ERP vendors is the level of the strength of the overall competitiveness of an important pointer to influence customer buying behavior is an important factor.

ERP software pricing (price) is the level of intensity of the overall competitiveness of ERP vendors is an important indicator, is also affected an important factor in customer buying behavior. Customers buy a particular ERP software, ERP vendors are always faced with different, different channels of a number of options, ERP software, except software prices tend to become functional, service attitude and level of implementation and other factors, customers select the primary consideration. The ERP software market, the domestic price level of missing, many worry not only customers, but also disturb the ERP market. This will be the price of ERP software features and pricing analysis.

Characteristics of ERP software prices ERP software, the price formation process meets the requirements of the general law of commodity economy, is the law of value, such as supply and demand specific performance of its properties mainly for the following five points:

1. The same ERP software is concerned, it does not have a fixed price, its price over time, place and the changes of objective conditions;

2.ERP the value of multi-dimensional nature of the software ERP software prices could lead to deviation from the value of information as a commodity, at a particular time, place, and its presence in the trading price of different methods to estimate the price received by base;

3.ERP timeliness of the software value, making the value of ERP software, fluctuations in prices also followed sharp rises and falls;

4. Complicated labor converted into the coefficient of simple labor to some extent affect the price of ERP software;

5. ERP software, the more output per unit of product contains lower the price of ERP software.

ERP Software Pricing Method and Strategy

ERP software pricing theory and practitioners are mainly four basic theory:

1. Monopoly price of ERP software as the production of uniqueness, originality and non-repetitive, and there is protection of property rights laws, the formation of the ERP software monopoly. Price depends on the monopoly ERP vendors (mainly ERP software in the industry’s adaptation), the customer need and the ability to pay.

2. Worth the price of ERP software design and implementation of customer demand materialized form its value, to determine their individual labor time Value, value and further determine its price.

3. Utility prices on the ERP software is designed to solve business problems in the operation of the actual needs of the customers that can be derived when the actual effectiveness of ERP software is the basis for price formation.

4. The price of supply and demand determinants of ERP software, the price of its supply and demand, is the ERP software vendors with customers in the software market mutual restraint, decided the price of ERP software. These four theories were

consider ERP software from different factors, in normal circumstances, customers using ERP software produced by the expected profit margins, is the theory of ERP software, the price cap; ERP vendors of the ERP software design amount to achieve the cost is lower the price of ERP software theory. Taking into account the main factors affecting ERP software, such as cost, market demand for products with the industry, competitive situation, prices of alternative products, the appropriate pricing methods are:

1. Cost-plus pricing ERP software in the design process, the cost of the aggregate consumption, coupled with cost-benefit requirement to determine the price of ERP software. The cost of hard and soft costs often include two parts, the hard cost means room, computer and communications equipment and other fixed assets and related material consumption consumption expenditure; soft costs represent staff costs of consumption. The formula is:

ERP software, the cost price = cost + profit + tax cost

2. The cost of pricing differences

For the ERP software, ERP software, the pricing must be the type and price policy, in combination with some type of ERP software with existing standards, through the comparison of cost and quality to determine the possible price. That is, in the same ERP software, ERP software with a standard to calculate the cost of raw materials, and based on reasonable cost plus tax profits to calculate the price. The formula is:

ERP software, the price = [(ERP Software costs – the cost of standard)

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