Gome Stores Tanggu Three Golden Week Celebration Commercial Warfare Broke Out In Advance

Gome Stores Tanggu Three Golden Week Celebration Commercial Warfare Broke Out In Advance

Although the “51” golden weeks has not come, but they already start preparing a business. Learned recently from the Tianjin

States United States


Was informed that the country will use this golden period of the United States, are all out to start a new storm appliances. And contrary to news expected is that the storm’s “eye of the storm” by the city turned to Tanggu.

In Tanggu


Those eyes, Tanggu, home appliance market in 2006 many changes have taken place, while the country the United States has to give us some surprises too. November 2006, the National US-merger Wing-lok, Gome stores Tanggu Century Plaza grand opening. In the same year in December, the national U.S. North Road shop Kaimennake. January 2007, the National US-Tanggu shop full upgrade “5A” level appliance stores. Three stores like Gome Tanggu keep pace troika to lead the continuous development of Binhai New Area, home appliances market, for the dedication of Tanggu high-quality consumer products and home appliances



4 21, States United States Tanggu shop, Hebei Road, Tanggu shop, Century Square Dianqing jointly organize the event, return Tanggu consumers. According to the U.S. head of state said the United States-US Dianqing store, Gome men remorselessly all “skill”, the manufacturers also have mobilized, the mobilization of resources and gifts, shop in the country and the three joint US-Tanggu Dianqing preparations for a “forage ammunition” . Not difficult to see, Gome on “4? 21″ this battle is the high aspirations.

Learned, Gome this April 21 to prepare for the three stores Celebration of Tanggu, in promotional measures have been prepared several sets of programs, condom see a new, close the mouths polite, numerous surprises. The general public in countries apart from U.S. stores Tanggu three straight down to enjoy more favorable surprise, the shop sent one level, special activities will also add surprises round detonated coastal home appliances market. Brilliant comic sets, arbitrary win the top prize, considerate sent home the themes of country activities, the United States especially polite, so you get very different shopping experience.

The efforts at promotion

GOME input can be called on the U.S. Dianqing Tianjin China has the most, a new promotions team, opt for battle, the majority of consumers can GOME Tanggu Tanggu the mall to enjoy “rest assured happy, comfortable “as a new shopping experience.

States U.S. sales already knew :

GOME Tanggu Dianqing activities jointly organized by the three stores, a rich contribution to Tanggu consumer appliances coastal feast. Country United States will “Dianqing courteous, invite you to share” The Way to 10 million yuan of preferential large none other, leading the sales boom coastal home appliances, to Tanggu consumers a different spring!

Gift: Country United States Tanggu three shops to prepare specifically for consumers millions of dollars worth of fine gifts, from


, Color screen cell phones to electric cooker,



Special machine: Dianqing period, the country will be introducing 30 million U.S. special machine, covering all items, underwriting price, absolutely affordable!

New: in 2007 the first landing the latest listing of new Gome stores. 07 new, live show, and technical personnel on-site explanations, figures


, The first taste!

Price: States United States in 2007 prices start another storm! Jigan price of water, countries the United States, manufacturers straight let, minimum decrease of 60% of the audience!

Vendor support: support major well-known home appliance makers Tanggu 3 stores celebrating together all the advantages of pooling resources Gome stores, manufacturers veterans live signings, affordable and delivered to your hands!

Items Hao Li: Dianqing during the price cuts, gifts, signings, etc. on a preferential basis,


, Refrigerator, washing machine,

Air conditioning



, 3C,



Small appliances

Howard will be sending items such as gift, return customers!

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