Police supply items are not just for Police Officers

Police supply items are not just for Police Officers

How many professions would need great quality reliable items for work, firefighters, EMT personnel, military and many others need such items. Police supply items will be equally at home with any other professional person that needs the best kit.

Is a flashlight something that would be exclusively used by a police officer or law enforcement agent? What about a tactical vest or duty belt, would those only be of any use to police? Of course, not, many professions and civilians alike could have use of those work boots, they may use them in slightly different ways but use them nevertheless. Binoculars, knives, vests, under garments and safety shoes are all fairly standard kit across a range of professions and they can be found in Police supply stores. Of course, there are some specific police items that would remain in the exclusive domain of law enforcement but those are few and far between.

The Police supply range is huge, from blood and alcohol testing kits to batons and holsters and just about everything in between. Police officers even on foot patrol have to carry an enormous amount of kit with them and what they need to carry will depend on their operation area and to some extent the actual place they patrol. A great pair of sturdy, robust but supremely comfortable safety shoes would be first on any Police supply list. Restraints, baton, duty belt, flashlight, radio or cell phone not to mention pen and writing materials are all items that would be needed on a day-to-day basis by a police officer.

Most items an officer will carry are designed either to assist them in their duty or to help keep them safe. Safety of our police and law enforcement officers on our streets is something that should never be left to chance. The more an officer has at his immediate disposal to avoid danger or harm, the better. The average weight of kit an officer will need to carry is approx 8kg (20lb), which is a lot to have to cart around day in day out. A dangerous job demands specialist and everyday things to help, tasers are becoming common kit but even the duty belt an officer wears has it’s place in keeping them safe, so you can see the importance of every bit of Police supply.

There is no standard set of kit for an officer to carry as it varies from state to state and operational area. Anything an officer can carry that helps keep them and the public safe is crucial, which is why Police supply items are so important. The simplest thing like a pair of socks is Police supply, socks can have extra cushioning and padding in the soles to help keep feet comfortable, so as you see even the most basic thing can help an officer. Being comfortable means an officer isn’t distracted by things rubbing or chaffing and that means they can concentrate 100% on their job and that means a more alert and productive officer.

Naturally, there are some more specific and high tech Police supply items. Laser sights and laser lights and even night vision goggles are Police supply items that transport us into that James Bond twilight world where stealth and invisibility is key. Clothing,  safety shoes , socks, armour, badges, pens, pencils, clipboards, batons etc. etc. The list of legitimate Police supply items is huge and many of them are used and utilized by other professions and agencies. Don’t let the words Police supply put you off, there really is a world of use for many of the items an officer would have.

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