How to Choose the Right Location When Buying or Renting Office Space

How to Choose the Right Location When Buying or Renting Office Space

Choosing the right location for commercial office to rent or buy is a tough task to do especially when you do not have the right resources and knowledge in determining the factors when trying to look for a productive-looking commercial business property spaces and locations. Before venturing out on finding a good space to lease/rent or purchase, there are things that you, as an individual has to, basically, know first and foremost the following:

1. A basic understanding of who your target and future customers would be.

2. General and basic knowledge on the specific field of business or industry that you are interested in.

3. Patience and flexibility as a businessman


Now let us process to the simple steps on how to look for a good space to lease for:

1. Define your personal and business goals. Knowing what you want to achieve in looking for a commercial property space is the first thing that you have to know. It will help you define what you really want to suit your business needs. One of the best ways to know your business plans in terms of location and space is by writing it down on a piece of paper.

2. Know your target audience/customers. It does make more sense when you know what type of customers are your business is targeting as well as how do they behave in the market. Additionally, the location is also tied to who your customers will be. Example is when you want to target large business men who then getting into locations where there is a rising business centre would be a good option to list down.

3. Take time to research and survey. The best resources that you can have in knowing and studying your target market is by doing a detailed researched on other retailers and customers themselves. Additionally, you may try getting other important reports of analysis of the location as your reference.  Sometimes, when you land on a location where there is an improving housing market – chances are, the market will be the one pushing the area’s local market affecting other inside markets and businesses in the said area. The development of the location will also be a major factor for your business as long as it is able to cope with the local markets’ change.

Other things that you need to research into are the accessibility, safety and convenience of the location to customers and outside the community individuals.

4. Hiring a knowledgeable real estate broker. Either when you are renting or buying an office space, getting advice and assistance from those who know the property market more than you know will help you a lot in choosing the right commercial business space to choose. Property brokers can be both your partner and vice versa in terms of investing in the property market which starts at your business plans. So hiring a realtor plus making sure you both maintain a professional and credible relationship to each other – knowing both your goals – will help you understand and open more doors of opportunities in terms of your business and investing.

5. Study the demographics of the location you are interested into. Knowing the statistical characteristic of the population in certain locations will help you also have an idea on how large the market and your target audience would be. It will show how the location’s current market will either improve or fall in the next few months depending on how rapid the population changes.

6. Market timing. It is very natural that in certain locations – the market rate rises and fall. So knowing how to adapt on your chosen location where you will plan to either buy or rent a property will help you to determine on how flexible should your business would be.

7. Choosing wisely on the commercial space that you and your business “needs.” Depending on what type of business you are into, the most important thing that business owners should take note of is the needed space their business actually needs and whether you will rent or purchase the property space.

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