Commercial Printing 101

Commercial Printing 101

Commercial printing does not require a college degree for you to do, you just need to understand the basics and the rest falls on the hands of your commercial printing company.  Start that printing with these easy to follow steps:

1) Start your search for  that commercial printer
Whether you get a local printer or those online, make sure your printers have the following characteristics or majority of it –

• Uncanny ability to know what works for  your print needs

• Has so many options you already have so much difficulty choosing already

• Is always very helpful and explains everything you need to know even if you need to ask so many times

• Can give you a very reasonable rate

• Can wrestle in a little discount specially with bigger print  volumes

• Creates perfect quality prints all the time

• Meets any deadline required

• Shares their opinions if they thing something will not work to well with your design and your printing materials options

2) Check what other people say about the top choices for your printers
It is always best to have several choices and check what old clients experienced.  People who experienced something so great or something so irritating will be the one saying a lot about a certain printer so find these people.  Listen to their comments carefully and see if its something important that would make you decide whether to take them out of your list or to choose them.

3) Price Quote and Discounts
One of the most important things you need to discuss with your printers are the price so make sure you tell them what you need exactly, how you want the prints to look etc.  You need to clear so they can also clearly give you a quote.

There are times that printers send out special promos or coupons online or on magazines and newspaper so try to check it out first before committing to a particular price quote you have discussed with your printer.

4) Every Printer’s special requests that you need to check on:

• File Resolution
Your art should be saved in 300 dpi this includes pictures which should be in the highest resolution available.  This is even more essential if you will be printing a very big advertisement.

• Fonts
Your fonts aren’t always available to your printers to open so it is always best to be sure and imbed the font file in your  art file. Make sure you do this so no part of your design will be changed whatsoever.

• File type
There are tons of file types that printers can read but this will always depend on what your printers can read so you need to ask them what files are okay for them and use those files only for a smooth printing process.  Common files like tiff, jpg or PDF are the ones most printers say yes to.

• Colors
Printers accept every single color you choose as long as it is in the CMYK range.  Convert your files if you have saved your files in RGB because you didn’t hear your printers say anything about this.  Your printers use CMYK to print, the only way to get the right and the same colors you picked out is to use CMYK too.

Listen to your commercial printing company.  They require a few things for good reasons and which will eventually make your prints look great so follow their requests and get those great looking prints for your commercial printing.

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