Tips and Tricks for Real Estate Investors Using Craigslist

Tips and Tricks for Real Estate Investors Using Craigslist

Here are a few  tips and tricks for using Craigslist with you, because most people use Craigslist all wrong. I have been guilty of this myself. In fact, I tried to use Craigslist to market a nationwide business in all 50 states. I tried using software that was supposed to do it for you, but I haven’t found one that works.

One of my best tips and tricks for using Craigslist is to outsource the work to someone else in another country that already specializes in Craigslist, so that you don’t have to train them to do it.  They’re very inexpensive and will work for as little as $ 0.15 a post. It’s probably the most effective way to market a business on Craigslist, although frankly if you’re trying it on a nationwide basis you’re probably not getting results worth the expense or hassle. Best to focus on local stuff only and make it just a small part of your marketing arsenal someone else does for you. The best way is certainly not doing the posting yourself. It’s not using any software I’ve seen or used so far. If there’s software out there that works, feel free to send it to me. I’m sure I could probably help you sell a few units, and I’d probably use it myself. I’ve tried all of them, and none of them works.

The people that you end up outsourcing the work to should know all the tips and tricks for using Craigslist along with how to get around all of their little rules and regulations.  Trust me, Craigslist has quite a few of them, and they will shut your account down very quickly if you do something to break a rule that you didn’t even know existed.

In your local area, there are very few ways of marketing yourself consistently for free and getting in front of people who are looking for your product, service, or solution.  If you sell cars in your local market, you should use Craigslist every day of every week. If you sell mortgages, you should use Craigslist. If you have houses that you’re putting out there to sell on a wholesale basis, to rehab or to landlords, you should use Craigslist every day or have somebody do it for you.  It’s free and easy to use, so many consumers in your market thinks that it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Here’s another one of my tips and tricks for using Craigslist.  Did you know that if you use the right keywords, you can get your Craigslist ad to show up in search engines like Google for 45 days or so?  This can even work for certain phrases that you couldn’t get your own website to rank on the first page of search engines for.

Why is that?

Google thinks that Craigslist is more important than your website because it gets a lot more traffic than your website. Because of this your ad on Craigslist is more likely to show up in the search engine results than that exact same phrase used in a headline or an ad on your own website.  However, if your website gets found by someone clicking through from a Craigslist ad and they end up on your buyers list website, squeeze page, re-direct to a post-lit flyer of a house your selling, or whatever, then did you not just in a senseget your website listed on the first page of Google? Sure you did, and that’s what makes this one of the most valuable tips and tricks for using Craigslist.

An entrepreneur, real estate investor, marketing consultant and copywriter, dedicated reader of thriller novels, lover of great southern barbecue, Texas hold ‘em poker aficionado, and published author, Danny Welsh  is passionate about two things: empowering real estate investors and entrepreneurs to get to the next level, and helping other business owners get better results with their marketing using mostly no cost and low cost marketing initiatives. Co-founder of both the Greatest Real Estate Giveaway and Real Deal Community social network for real estate investors, Danny is a managing partner with HIS Real Estate Network, a commercial real estate buying group.

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