Make Your PACS Workstations the Workhorses of Your Medical Office

Make Your PACS Workstations the Workhorses of Your Medical Office

Life in the medical facility was much harder before PACS workstations came along. Everything had to be printed out on paper, film imaging used costly and toxic chemicals, and then there was the hassle of storing thousands of medical records in a hard copy format. Those days are thankfully mostly gone with the advent of PACS workstations, and software systems such as the Candelis PACS system. Medical office workflow has increased, time spent on routine tasks has decreased, and better patient care at a better price for the facility is the result.

At PACS workstations, you can store, archive, distribute and view your medical digital images and digital reports and records. Candelis PACS, and specifically the Candelis Imagegrid, brings the software and hardware together to make this possible in your medical office environment.

The Candelis Imagegrid allows you to communicate with referring doctors more easily by utilizing the speed and efficiency of the World Wide Web. You can quickly sort through thousands of digital studies to select the ones you want, and the system allows for rule-based routing, so that reading physicians on and offsite will automatically be sent the appropriate images. Because many of the features on the Candelis PACS system can be automated, this saves every person using the PACS workstations a great deal of time.

A Candelis PACS system also solves your digital image storing issues. It can be used by both small and large facilities, because the storage capacity starts at one terabyte and goes up from there. This also allows for ease of expansion should you need greater storage capacity in the future.

Storage needs to also meet HIPPA requirements. This means that you will need to not only use a system that can provide easy backup on a daily basis from each workstation, but that all information from the multiple workstations can be stored on a server, both onsite as well as offsite for disaster recovery. All of this is quickly and easily possible with the Candelis system.

PACS RIS systems can also enable you to add text to your digital imaging. The RIS part of the system allows you to schedule patients, order tests, and write reports. These are combined with the PACS part of the PACS ris system, so that a complete patient digital file is the end result. Candelis PACS works well in tandem with its ris system to bring full functionality to your PACS workstations.

Wayne Hemrick writes about the advent of future technology. In this article he writes about the pacs ris system.

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