Take advantage of your office?s surrounding space

Take advantage of your office?s surrounding space

When you’re choosing a commercial property or office space to lease, it’s easy to get caught up with focusing solely on the office itself and ignore the surrounding suburb and area. Many people don’t realise that the new suburb in which your new office will be is going to become an important part of you and your employees’ lifestyles. Here are some things to keep in mind when incorporating the surrounding area into the life of your workplace and office space.

Cafes – Cafes are more than just somewhere your employees will religiously visit every morning for their caffeine fix. They can also serve as potential venues for less formal meetings with clients and other business associates, so make sure the area has at least a few cafes which are relatively quiet, relaxed and of course, serve good coffee and food!

Parks – Having a park near your office can be a much-needed break from traffic and crowded restaurants and takeaway shops in the lunchtime rush. A park can be somewhere your employees and you can relax, eat, and enjoy some sunshine. If your business relies on strong team morale and employee relations, you could even hold some team building activities or exercises outdoors if the weather’s fine. Lunchtime team football match, anyone?

Galleries – If you lease office space in Sydney, you might not know about the plethora of small galleries, workshops and arts centres hiding in the streets around town. Depending on the type of business you run, small galleries near your office could serve as great venues for presentations, team exhibitions or other artistic events. Most galleries let you use the space for a small fee, and it’s also a great opportunity to attract attention and sales to your business.

Whether you’ve just started renting some North Sydney office space or have just bought an office in the CBD, be sure to explore your area and take full advantage of the surrounding lifestyle and buzz.

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