Work Life In The Hypocrisy – The Workplace, Office Life – Office Supplies Industry

Work Life In The Hypocrisy – The Workplace, Office Life – Office Supplies Industry
There is a saying that’s good “in rivers and lakes, involuntarily,” but people in the workplace, the same can be said that “the workplace ‘false’, involuntarily.”

A joke, it says “the day the company had had to give all of a sudden whim of a subordinate told a joke and laugh all the staff listened to all veterans … … suddenly saw a female employee’s face without any expression! CEOs in the past asked: Why do not you laugh ah? female staff shrug: I do not need to laugh, because I resigned tomorrow! … … “A joke can be a reflection of the job market” hypocrisy “ah. As the saying goes, “leopard change its spots”, this “hypocrisy” is the inherent nature, it is a social environment caused. Week five – six days, working eight hours a day, can be said that in addition to eat and sleep, the life of most of the time must be spent in the workplace, the greatest exposure to people from the workplace. Because their workplace human background, a different environment, demonstrated the desire, purpose, behavior, there are fundamental differences. We should not criticize the workplace to deliberate on the “hypocrisy”, after all, most people have to rely blend into the workplace to make a living, many things are beyond our control. The purpose of most people is simply to achieve the desired, to obtain benefits, to say the popular spots is the “breadwinner, survival,” This is our human nature, I think we all understand. Can only say that the workplace, “false”, involuntarily ah.

Real life, especially in the work environment, one thing is true? “Hypocrisy.” “Hypocrisy” is actually another human civilization title; hypocrisy to maintain stability and unity of human society, organized needs. “Men lie to make themselves better, a woman is to make each other better than lying!” Workplace, too, lying, hypocritical, smooth, etc., either to make themselves better, or is better to let other people. Praise others in exchange for more than a few people a good mood one day, contrary to what their loss would not be something, why not?

People in the workplace, although all are wearing a warm smile on his face, all with eating, drinking, mouth and sang “We love each other’s family.” Perhaps, one day before the singing, a “family” has been brutally stabbed your knife, make your heart drop of blood, but you have to endure, even hated, had to work to help others smiling, mouth Li spoke words of thanks, “Thank predecessors tell you the important work experience and information.” So you always thought a little and work hard at, more and talk less. Well, and leadership satisfaction, and will live threw you more, so that you fully realize their residual value. Their grievances in the workplace to meet the others can only try to put your own. Sometimes think that’s hypocritical to vomiting. No way, we are all so alive, this is the job market “hypocrisy” … …

“Workplace ‘false’, involuntarily,” ah … …

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