Infant Teeth ? Dental Supplies

Infant Teeth ? Dental Supplies

Many parents want to change that because it is deciduous, so do not care about children’s oral health before the permanent teeth. In fact, this is a very wrong view. If the baby teeth problems and more, will affect the child’s chewing function, nutrient absorption. Feeding posture, lay the baby to drink milk, long-term excessive mandibular protrusion, it may cause “to package Days”, affecting the face, “the overall layout.”

Not long ago, the Ministry of Health Disease Control Bureau and other agencies in Beijing issued a state of infant oral health survey. The report shows that 57% of children without parents long before their oral teeth without Dental Equipment care. Dental Hospital of Xi’an High-life high Jianlong children’s dental expert Dean introduced, launched the “infant oral dental care Raiders”, the teeth of infants and young children’s oral care and a comprehensive set of comprehensive programs.

From the beginning she was not yet teething, parents should be wearing a gauze wrapped finger or remove the child refers to the mouth of the residual milk stains. The correct way to feed her child is her child was 45 degrees, after drinking the milk, then feed some of the best water. Age six teeth a grow, parents should bring the child to the hospital for pit and fissure sealant, to prevent bacterial invasion. Children grow in the activities of the new permanent teeth knocked, put the milk teeth should be included in or under the tongue, rushed to the hospital within half an hour, there may be engrafted.

1, when the child’s first teeth eruption, the parents should be wearing a gauze wrapped finger or finger, gently wipe around the teeth and oral cavity attached to the milk stains, should be cleaned 1-2 times a day. Even if a child has not teething, parents should use the same method to clear the mouth of the child remaining milk stains.

2, the children lay a long drink milk, excessive How treatment of children with dental caries protrusion of the mandible, it is likely to cause “to package Days.” The correct way of feeding should be: a child holding a 45 degree angle. Children nursed, the best longer feed some water to keep the mouth clean.

3, age six dental caries usually occurs at the occlusal fissure. Age six teeth a grow, parents should take their child to the hospital for sealant. Fissure at the teeth coated with polymer resin to seal the fissure, to prevent bacterial invasion.

4, knocked in activity if the child’s permanent teeth grow new, can, or with milk teeth on the tongue, in half an hour arrived at the hospital, the doctor may also put teeth transplanting, the survival rate is also more high.

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