Causes of Commercial Truck Accidents

Causes of Commercial Truck Accidents

Large tractor trailers and eighteen wheel trucks are a common scene on freeways and roadways across America. It’s hard to imagine driving too long without seeing one or two on the roads. Most of us don’t give it a second thought as to who is behind the wheel of the truck or how our actions can impact the driver and potentially cause a cascading chain of events. Truck accidents are almost always major; with the truck accident fatalities are common.

As drivers it’s our responsibility to keep the roads safe, so there are a few common ideas that can assist us while we share the roads with our commercial trucking friends. One of the first things to remember is that the size alone of the commercial truck makes it difficult to maneuver. They don’t have the ability to stop like a car or move around a potentially bad situation. Commercial truck injuries are often caused by car drivers who changes lanes in front of them and have then stop suddenly. When this happens the truck can jackknife, flip or run right up the back of the vehicle that just cut them off.

Remember that just because you can see them does not mean that they can see you. So give them plenty of room to get around, don’t cut them off and remember that they normally take wide right turns in order to get around curbs and sidewalks. If you move around them, to the right while they are trying to turn you can cause serious injury to you and the semi truck driver.

Use common sense when driving around semi trucks; don’t assume that they are safe or that truck accidents won’t happen around you. Stay clear and don’t drive between two large trucks, it’s not safe and there is an increased chance that the truck on the left will merge to the right. Also, consider that when trucks blow tires they can become erratic and need to merge right quickly. It’s best to always give commercial trucks space to react to any potential outcome.

It only takes one senseless act by a car driver to cause truck injuries, accidents and damage to property and individuals. Take into consideration other drivers too; don’t assume that they will make good choices around trucks either. You can impact those around you positively by your actions, a truck accident is serious and the safety of our family and those around us is our responsibility.

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