Vacation Rentals in Corolla NC

Vacation Rentals in Corolla NC

The Outer Banks is where people go to relax. The gentle ocean winds, soft sand and quiet beaches offer the perfect opportunity to unwind. The entire atmosphere is laidback, even when you go the store or a restaurant. This isn’t the kind of place where you dress up to go to dinner, but it’s not the kind of place where you eat at snack shacks every night, either. This is a world where high quality is offered at almost every turn, yet you can get that high quality while remaining casual and comfortable. All these factors are what have made Corolla rentals so popular. Many people go for the homes, but a lot of people choose Corolla condos. It depends on how many people you’re traveling with and what you’re looking for. While Corolla condos are a great option for the right circumstances, we will focus more on rental homes below. First let’s cover local attractions.

Attractions in the Outer Banks

One of the neatest things to do in the Outer Banks is to go on a jeep tour. This is a great way to see wild horses, secluded beaches and a ton of history. Riding by horseback through the ocean wilderness also has a romantic vibe to it. Another great idea is to go to the lighthouses. Most of them are over 100 years old. As you might already know, the Outer Banks offers some of the best and most challenging golf on the east coast. Other attractions include museums and beaches. The latter might seem obvious, but the beaches differ so much from one another in this area that it’s worth seeing as many of them as possible.

Amenities for Your Rental Home

Corolla rentals have boomed in the past decade. You can find everything from a small cottage to a 10-bedroom mansion. However, we’ll take a look at what to expect from a standard rental home in Corolla. You should expect to be close to the beach with access to a community pool and tennis courts. That said, most rental homes also have their own pool and possibly a large hot tub. You might also find an outdoor kitchen. Other possibilities include a covered deck and a patio. Indoor amenities usually include a few games like ping pong and a pool table, a great room, all major appliances and cable TV.

The best part about Corolla is that you don’t need to go far in order to enjoy the best vacation of a lifetime. An added advantage is that not many people know about it.

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