Essential Genealogy Supplies

Essential Genealogy Supplies

Supplies are helpful, if not essential, to the success of your family tree project. Because you will be working with data obtained from oral evidence, borrowed items, and old records, these tools will lead to the success of your project.

Here is a list of supplies that will help you with your project:

1. A Good Notebook

Taking note of what they your interviewees will tell you is important, because your memory will fail you at times. Get a large notebook that has dividers so that you can easily categorize your family into different generations and write down what you learned regarding each generation in their corresponding section in your notebook.

2. Expanding Folders

An expandable plastic envelope is a good place to keep all the records you will collect from various family members and relatives. This ensures that they don’t get soiled or crumpled. It keeps them in order too.

An expanding folder also has the divisions you need in order that the documents can already be categorized within the folder. You can segregate the items according to who owns them or to the generation or branch of the family they belong to.

3. Scratch Sheets

Use scratch paper to list down pertinent information referring to for an item. Use clips to attach these to their respective document. Do not make the mistake of using a stapler or scotch tape to attach them, as they will definitely ruin the condition of these old items.

4. A Scanner

Scanners are not so expensive nowadays and almost every household has one. If you don’t, it is about time you get one. You will realize that it is so convenient to just scan documents, so that you can print many copies of them as well as have them on file forever.

5. The Net

Although these sites will require that you pay them to access their records, the price you will pay for this is worth it. These sites will have printable family tree charts, forms and templates as well as databases for public records vital to your research.

6. Genealogy Software

There are now computer programs that make family tree projects a lot easier and less daunting tasks to complete. These programs are capable of categorizing the photos and records you have collected, but you have to scan them first of course.

7. Family Tree Guides

Some websites also have models so that you can just input the data into the charts. They will also serve as a guide to know what a family tree should be composed of. There are various kinds of these available online.

Having these supplies are essential to the success of your genealogy project. They are all worth getting, because your project after all, is probably one of the most important you will do in your lifetime.

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