Be smart about your rentals

Be smart about your rentals

Considering how prices in the residential market constantly fluctuate, many people opt to rent property/flats in Leicester. It gives them the flexibility of staying where they would like to and at prices they are comfortably paying. However if you are looking for property/flats to rent in Leicester, there are a few things you need to keep in mind if you do not want to fall prey to landlords who are not to honest in their dealings.

First thing is to know what you want out of the property or flat you rent and how much you are willing to pay for it. Aspects that will help you decide is which part of town you would like to live and how far it is from all that is important to your lifestyle. The next aspect is when you should actually get down to looking for homes. Most properties for rent come onto the market with a few months at the most to spare, so beginning your search way to early will not really help. If you do know you plan to rent, join some mailing lists of trusted realtors to know when properties come on to the market. Else leave feelers with your realtor on when you will be looking for something.

When you actually get down to looking for places, spread the word as much as you can. Speak to friends, family, realtors and others who are in the rental market. Perhaps a friend is moving out of an apartment you have been eyeing and you can make a good offer before someone else comes through. If you are torn between furnished and non-furnished, here are the facts – a furnished apartment will cost more and you have to be careful not to damage anything. Also you need to ascertain what will be there when you actually move in. An unfurnished apartment gives you flexibility of investing in the budget range of home furnishing that most brands now have.

You will have to shell out the rent, generally a month in advance and this includes your water as well as utility bills. Council tax is also inclusive, but you have to check on the legislation in your area. Always make sure signed agreements are exchanged in person. Also get a receipt for each time you pay rent. If an agent has helped you get the place, then there will be a fee involved. If you have put down a holding deposit, make sure you have a receipt for it. A damages bond is also payable and it is mandatory that it is returned to you within two weeks of vacating the premises.

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