commercial dishwasher – What is what?

commercial dishwasher – What is what?

Domestic vs. Commercial
A domestic glasswasher is effectivley the lightweight equivelant of a commercial glasswasher. Whilst washing cycles in a domestic glasswasher may take up to an hour, a complete cycle in a commercial glasswasher will be about 2 minuites. A commercial glasswasher machine relies heavily on the pressure of water and the temperature of water. As you may already know if you work in the catering industry, when washing glasses and dishes, a certain temperature has to be achieved for health and safety reasons. A new technology called 4 spray arm technology can now be found in commercial glasswashers that increases washing ability by spraying water from four arms both at the top and the bottom of the machine. Commercial glasswasher machines are usually built in stainless steel and have a heavy duty finish to them unlike the more plasticy domestic machine. You may also find that they are smaller in size, starting at 350mmm basket machines and then ranging up to 500mm basket machines for undercounter models.

Commercial Machine Quality
The quality of a commercial dishwasher can be key when choosing which one you buy. As with anything there are some cheap ones out there on the market that do not stand up to quality. When a commercial dishwasher is working every day, day in, day out, the one thing you want to avoid is plastic. The reason for this is that the palstic components you find inside some commercial dishwashers are constantly expanding and contracting and with such temperatures in the machines as 100c, it wont be long before they begin to weather away and crack, rendering the machine useless. Always look out for an entirely stainless steel commercial dishwasher with stainless steel plugs, stainless steel jets and stainless steel elements and boilers. If looked after a stainless steel machine should last up to 20 years.

Drain Pump & Gravity waste
Unlike domestic machines, with commercial dishwashers you have the choice of a drain pump machine or a gravity waste machine. This is simply the method in which the machine dumps its waste water. Depending on the set-up of drains at your establishment you may require a drain pump to pump waste from the commercial dishwasher out to the drains or you may simply need a cheaper gravity waste commercial dishwasher to pull out a plug and allow water to run away freely.

It is common in the commercial catering industry to only find commercial dishwashers with 1 year parts only warrentys. Dont accept this. All manufactuers should now be offering atleast a 3 year parts warrenty as standard and even if they are not offering it free of charge should atleast offer a comprehensive warrenty option. If they dont, then you know their machine won’t stand up to the test of time.

What next?
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