Prepare baby supplies

Prepare baby supplies

Baby Baby clothes should be simple, warm, soft and principle. Newborn baby should wear a sleeve or Xie Jin breasted flannel shirt, and wrapped in cashmere or cotton infant. In addition to more than two months the baby T-shirt to wear buttons down the front, but also to wear a jumpsuit-style sleeping bag, so that the baby freedom of movement. Five or six months after the baby, in addition to wearing a shirt, but also to wear with pants, skirts, vests, cap cloak to wear out or waistcoat. After 10 months, you can wear over pants. Baby clothing fabric should be soft, warm, easy, washable, can be cotton, flannel, cotton knitwear and so on. Color. To color, white, light-colored as well. Baby clothes patterns to large, convenient, strong, lightweight as well, and can be made into a monk clothing. Suggest that you buy at the counter, the fabric of these relatively clear what the. 10 brands purchased in the buy side has children’s clothing brands online list, you can go to learn more about the next.

Prepare baby supplies 1. _ to use an all cotton baby clothes clothing to avoid skin sensitivity. For warmth, baby baby clothes to wear woolen underwear cotton underwear and outerwear in the middle. Should choose a simple style of clothes, to avoid leading spaces, cuffs and pin too tight. To wear warm socks and hats for the baby not wear shoes. Several large towels, can be used to dry the body after bathing and sleeping for wrapping baby. And leak-proof breathable cloth diaper pants or diapers. Buy crib, we should pay attention to safety standards, the column column column bed space, should be less than 6 cm, height from the mattress bed rails at least 60 cm. Need bed and mattress size, shall be no gaps between the two. Lead paint and easy to fall off either. Bed material to be smooth, without cracks or spikes. Baby do not use pillows, baby bedding and toys should not be placed debris, causing the baby to avoid suffocation. Baby left in bed, baby clothes, remember the bed and locked before leaving the field one way or another.

Some of Japan’s milk is a parallel, food insecurity has a Mieshi, but in fact a good baby sensitive stomach, drink side only laxative formula may be the situation, as milk had to do a side question I cannot answer you, because Haodi infant reaction Each of the stomach not the same, but I have an opinion fasten useful. is the only stable supply of milk in Japan , coupled with improved formula buried near row, you can try.

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