Affordable Commercial Pressure Washing

Affordable Commercial Pressure Washing
If you are in need of some commercial pressure washing before any painting is done, you are probably sweating a little bit over the cost. However, you might be surprised at how affordable this type of service can be; usually it is not nearly as expensive as customers first think. People use these services before they have their building painted, and they can also have it done to restore the aesthetic attractiveness of decks, patios, siding and concrete walkways.

Professionals who perform this service are usually professional painters, and they use a device that directs a stream of water at an incredibly high pressure to remove paint, dirt, and grimy build-up on different types of surfaces. Some of the build-up that is most often removed by commercial pressure washing include grime, grease, mud, mold and dirt. These are the main basic targets. There are many instances in which build-up is bad enough that it requires the use of high pressure washers to remove it, such as build-up from oil of manufacturing facilities.

There are three components to the device that commercial pressure washing specialists use. There is the motor that works the pump, the high pressure capable hose and then the trigger gun. There are also many different types of nozzles that are used, and which one is chosen for a job will depend on the target surface and the strength of the substance that has accumulated. Some of the nozzles make a triangular plane and others direct a super thin stream of really concentrated water at a specific spot.

The water that is used for commercial pressure washing can be hot or cold, and even steam-heated to up to 330 degrees Fahrenheit. The pumps for these machines can be powered by different sources like electric, propane or gas. Electric motors are quiet and also do not produce any exhaust. Commercial pressure washers can pump out water and have it hit a surface at a pressure of 5,000 pounds per square inch, which is more powerful than common or domestic machines.

Some of the uses of pressure washing goes beyond cleanup and instead have to do with pre-treating a surface. For example, when a house is going to be painted, it is best to use a pressure washer to pre-clean the surface of the house. This eliminates flaws in the surfaces to allow for a better, smoother paint job to be done. Some of the other uses for commercial pressure washers include cleaning at gas stations, high rise buildings, sidewalks and driveways, cleaning decks and porches, awnings, the siding of houses, parking lots, cleaning graffiti from a building, degreasing heavy machinery and more.

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