Get Free Packaging Supplies

Get Free Packaging Supplies
Many Edmonton residents dread house transfers because of all the time and effort required by it. For many, spending a weekend just packing stuff is not fun but they do not really have a choice about it. Full service transfers wherein the moving company will do the packing can be too expensive if one is on a tight budget.

If youre not a fan of house transfers but you know its inevitable, you have to plan ahead. You can start packing away some items now even if the transfer is months away. By doing this, you dont have to cram and you can save further on expenses.

A good start in your plan is to find needed supplies. Corrugated boxes, packaging film and packaging tapes can be expensive if you have to pack many items. The following are suggestions on how to get these supplies free.

Retail merchants

Retail merchants like computer shop outlets, appliance stores and electronic shops can be a good source for corrugated boxes Edmonton. Most stores are eager to rid their shops of boxes because it may only clutter their areas and give rats and insects a place to hide in. If you patronize a certain merchant, you can easily ask the manager for spare boxes. It will be like extending customer service on their end.

Online communities

Looking at online communities is also a good idea since most people posting items online are desperate to get rid of the items but they still wish to put it to good use. If you cant find the specific packaging supplies youre looking for, try posting a personal ad instead. An online post would make your request more specific and you could get better matching results sooner.

Recycling centers

Recycling centers are also good areas to start searching for packaging supplies because youll never know what items may be found there. Think of your searching as an adventure and be prepared to scavenge for items. If youve found the necessary packaging supplies, you can talk to the person in charge to give it to you free. By doing this, you do your part in recycling, except that youll also re-use the items.

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