Guidelines on Projector Rentals

Guidelines on Projector Rentals

If you don’t use projectors on a daily basis, renting them could be the best way to go. A projector rental service is just like any other audio visual equipment rental service. It allows you the luxury of not having to worry about projector maintenance and upkeep on a recurring basis. Having said that, it is still your responsibility to take good care of the projectors throughout the rental term.A look at the list below will tell you how best to handle rented projectors.


Limit movement


Before the projector is brought in, decide where you want it placed. Once you take delivery of the projector, have it set up immediately. This way, the projector will not be moved around unnecessarily. The projector has extremely delicate components which, when jostled around can affect the projector’s performance.


Power off


Before connecting wires and cables into the projector, ensure that they are not connected to a power source. If the cables or wires are carrying electricity when plugged onto the projector, they could burn its components. The lamp is an extremely sensitive component of the projector and even a slight surge of electricity, when connecting cables, can damage it.


Unplug with care


It is best to unplug the projector 3 minutes after the power has been turned off. Since the projector lamp is warm from being switched on, a fan operates within the projector to cool the lamp. Even when switched off, the fan continues to rotate.


Lumens and the economy mode


A projector’s light output is measured in terms of lumen. When you have an audience size of around 100, you will need a projector with about 3000 lumen. Generally, projectors with an output of 2000 lumen have an economy mode. In this mode, the projector will save electricity and extend the lamp’s life.


Lens and filter cleaning


A good quality micro fiber cloth should be used to clean the projector’s lens as this keep the lens in good condition by preventing grime and dust from forming a destructive layer over time. Besides affecting lens’ integrity, dust can affect the picture quality too. The dust filter can accumulate dust over time and it has to be kept clean. Grime can block the filter and in turn raise the projector’s internal temperature.


Ideal conditions


Audio visual equipment rental providers tell customers about projector functioning, optimal use, and care and maintenance. Maintaining an ideal room temperature is extremely important for the projector to function properly. A cool, dry and dust free environment for projector storage is highly recommended.


Warm up time


If you switch on the projector and do not see any image immediately, do not panic. Give the projector at least 30 to 90 seconds to warm up after switching it on. It is only after warming up that the projector will be able to display images.


All audio visual equipment rental providers rent different types of projectors to businesses. Make sure that you approach a reliable equipment rental provider to get good service and equipment selection guidance.

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