Checklist for a Commercial Move

Checklist for a Commercial Move

Moving an office is more difficult than moving a household as there are many more details involved. If you don’t proceed in a systematic manner, then there are high chances of the process becoming chaotic and thus leading to confusion. You need to prepare for such a move well in advance and the ideal way to do this is to make a checklist so that you can keep track on the move.

Here is a list of the things to do:

First and foremost, decide a time frame and make a moving schedule.
Map out the different tasks to be completed and assign them accordingly. For example, employees should know about their responsibilities during this period so that they are aware of what is expected of them. If needed, set up a moving committee that can help with the execution.
Set up a communications plan to let customers, suppliers and other pertinent parties know about the move.
Determine the new office set-up and look; make sure you know ahead of time where offices will be located and where equipment needs to be installed.
To ensure that you get the best possible deal, get moving quotes from companies well in advance so that you can compare the prices and decide.
If you require special technical assistance to move and install equipment such as a photocopier, computer network or specialty telephone service, make sure you book this well in advance so that the service is up and running on your move-in date.
Chalk out a packing schedule if you are doing it by yourself– decide what can be packed in advance and what areas are packed last and purchase proper packing supplies. In case the movers are doing the packing, instruct them if something requires to be specifically handled. Ensure that all boxes have been packed and labeled with office location, importance, and content.
Make sure equipment has been properly prepared for moving; this includes removing any liquids and ensuring removable parts are packed and labeled; if you’re don’t know how to pack equipment, hire a technical specialist or call the equipment manufacturer for information and advice.
Find out where the moving truck can park to load at the old office location and where it can unload at the new location. Check to see if any other entrances will be blocked or you will take any additional parking spaces. This will help to avoid extra charges.

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