Chen Xiao New Strategy Initial Victory The United States Return To Commercial Nature Of The Country

Chen Xiao New Strategy Initial Victory The United States Return To Commercial Nature Of The Country

Officially take over the post of Chairman of the Board, Chen Xiao make the country the United States to re-learn to respect the business rules, transformation is the transformation of large and medium sized shop in the tower beginning of GOME.

Behind the pair of lenses such as the eagle eyes of taxes and profits, there have been a smile.

Chen Xiao this I do not know how many times to medium and large electrical appliances shop in Beijing visited Tajikistan. Since this is located in central Beijing West Ring

TV Tower stores under the acceptance of “transformation” since he became a frequent visitor here.

“President Chen attaches great importance to the transformation of the Tower stores, but also very satisfied with this reform.” Dazhong Electronics, a manager think so.

Transformation in the tower shop is the concentrated reflection of Xiao-business ideas. In short, retail is retail, sellers must follow the sellers of the business rules. “Transformation” began by the end of February 2009, lasted a half months. The new store location in the tower is no longer a traditional appliance store, but the class of “commercial MALL” a comprehensive appliance stores. Chen Xiao satisfied that, after the first transformation in the tower shops tend to come out feeling and vision of the same: the very term “shop” flavor.

2008 year-end, GOME Electrical Appliances Wong Kwong Yu detained former Chairman of the Board. January 16, 2009, Chen Xiao, Gome official as Chairman of the Board and CEO. Since then, Gome has introduced a new policy. In the April 28 annual report, Gome clear business idea for 2009: China will soon enter the optimization of transition, the United States, its purpose is to expand from a fine-scale management of the transition from growth to the shop to upgrade the quality of single-store operation The transition from

Sell Led to profit before restructuring.

This is Chen Xiao, Gome the helm in charge after the conduct of the business ideas to be the change?? This is obviously their ambitious, large-scale expansion of stores across the country the former are vastly different.

“The transformation of large and medium optimization of transformation is the beginning of GOME.” Xiao-tone calm and soft, as his character.

Sized shop in the tower to the Chen Xiao indeed sufficient to save face. Opening three days, medium and large shop in the tower received 100 million yuan on sales. The total income of the shop in 2008 is 10 billion, closed down a half loss of 100 million yuan is equivalent to about transforming the sales, that is, the new Tower store in only 3 days to make up for all the losses. “51” day of the date of sale of the chain opened last week and another 1.5-fold increase. At that rate, the shop after transformation to achieve the expected sales of 2 billion yuan every year, just around the corner.

At this point, Chen Xiao new strategy should be for their initial victory and rejoice.

State creep inside the United States

“States United States changed, become available to you sit down and discuss the.” CHEN early 2009 the country became Chairman of the Board and president of the United States after the home appliance brand in the market of a foreign section chief surprise to find that the state had the United States are potential aggressive change. Another domestic appliance brand’s market ministers have the same feeling: “Before we talk about, but they are listening to the country his brother’s wife, and now the U.S. can accept our opinions.” Some people play such an example: “Before we all eat , ate cooked rice, there are fish flesh. “

States United States to become more like

CHEN character?? Calm, steady, not aggressive.

Chen Xiao optimize vendor relationships 2009, one of the key business ideas. For vendor relationship, the definition of Chen Xiao, Gome will be one of the concerns the interests of the Group to optimize the supply chain changes. The prevailing rules of home appliance chain, in the settlement, when manufacturers are forced to pay a lot of home appliance chain does not include the cost of the contract. CHEN do is to change this situation, and suppliers work together to create sustainable profitability.

Addition to supplier relationship, Chen Xiao been stressed, “one shop efficiency”, this time the country has become a top priority for the U.S., but this is the return to the “commercial nature” of the key. Improve the “effectiveness of a single shop,” There are two ways: one is to store business model innovation, the current state the U.S. has set up a preparation of five 60’s stores and recycling centers to study how to maximize the benefits of stores, including stores shape and layout, product decoration, product introduction, the various processes, the need for consumer products and shopping experience, etc.;

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