Renting An Office Space? Run Through This Checklist

Renting An Office Space? Run Through This Checklist

If you are contemplating taking on a new office space lease there are some crucial key points that you may want to take into consideration before making a firm commitment to rent.

Below is a list of some of the most important features and therefore key points to consider:

Location – Is the location good for your business? Is it easily accessible for your clients and also for yourself as a base?

Size – Too small or too big can cause a problem, therefore you will want your space to be the perfect size for your company.

Facilities – Are the facilities that you will require available to you, for example meeting rooms and conference rooms?

Type of lease – Are you being offered the type of lease that best suits you?

Parking – Is parking important to you and your clients if so what parking space is available with the office rental?

Look – This is pretty obvious but nevertheless important – the external and the internal look of the building will impact your business so you will want the appearance to be of a high standard.

Catering – Is there a nice restaurant or coffee bar on site which of course can be a great place for you to relax and also hold relaxed meetings with clients?

Toilet facilities – This is often overlooked but nevertheless a good point that adds to the overall quality of the office space. Check the toilets are clean and well kept.

Lighting and air conditioning – You will of course want your office to be nice and light and also benefit from a professional air conditioning system. This will be of paramount importance during the summer months.

Lifts – Is having a lift facility important to you? If so, check that one is available and in good working order.

Areas to relax – Are there some nice areas for relaxation in and around the office space? Maybe there are nice grounds and an open space and benches to take your coffee break or just to relax for 10 min. Maybe there are areas within the building that are geared towards relaxation.

Accessibility – Will you need your office to be easily accessible by public transport? This will probably be important to you so therefore access by public transport will be important when making your decision as to where to locate.

The reception – As this is the first port of call for any visitor to your company, it will be important for the reception area and the reception staff to be of a high standard.

So there is the checklist. There will no doubt be other points for you to consider other than those mentioned, but the points above will be worth your serious consideration before making a definite decision as to where you want your business to be located.

The author works in the multimedia design industry and is based in the UK. He has successfully rented office space from and serviced offices from

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