Leasing an Office Space

Leasing an Office Space

Creating a business plan, acquiring a loan and hiring employees aren’t the only aspects involved in starting your business. One of the most crucial steps to launch your business is to avail of an office space to house your employees. Key considerations to push through with availing of an office space include a sufficiently growing number of workers, and the need to contain them in one place to maintain efficient workflow and management.

Availing of an office space used to involve pitching your business plan to your potential landlord. In turn they would determine if they would permit you and your business to take residence in their property. However, the advent of technological advancements and virtual offices has turned the tables in favor of commercial tenants.

If your business is the type that involves more hours of fieldwork than that spent in the office, why not consider virtual office spaces instead? Virtual offices are specifically designed for businesses that can manage to function without a common work area, as well as those that are constantly in-field and would benefit little from actual office space. These virtual office spaces provide similar features and benefits as their concrete counterparts.

If you have decided that you do need a piece of commercial real estate, you would next have to identify what purposes your business space would serve. Will you need a reception area to accommodate guests and clients? How about the size of your employees’ work stations? Is noise going to be an issue? Listing down your regular office routines will help determine what size your Tysons VA office space should be.

Aside from planning the size of your Tysons VA office space, decide what other factors you need to consider. Knowing what kind of office space you need before venturing out to find one will save your large amounts of time and effort. It would also help to familiarize yourself with real estate jargon, so you would better communicate with your broker and potential landlords.

It usually takes a couple of days to two weeks to determine your preferences, while real estate hunting would usually take around three weeks to a month. Give yourself one to four weeks to narrow down your choices. Once you’ve decided on a suitable Tysons VA office space, allow four weeks for negotiation and leasing.

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