Open Office Work Spaces Relieve Stress Caused By Toronto Traffic Commutes

Open Office Work Spaces Relieve Stress Caused By Toronto Traffic Commutes
As the mayoral elections get ready to take place in Toronto, constituents are learning more about how each candidate plans to address commute times and improve infrastructure. Increasingly, more employees are wasting valuable time sitting in traffic instead of producing for their employers. A March 2010 article in the Toronto Star [thestar] mentions that only 29 per cent of Toronto area residents leave cars at home. Sitting Mayor David Miller goes on to mention that because of current Toronto traffic gridlock, over $ 5 billion is being lost in productivity. In light of this reality and a gradual change in the workforce, many companies are recognizing that office culture is quickly shifting as employees are asking for more flextime, and better technology for conferencing and staying connected. How is your company responding to these requests? Are you losing valuable employees because your office is too far away? Mayhew can help you redesign and implement a flexible and functional space that provides convenient alternative work strategies to keep your staff happy, productive and stress-free from commuting worries while they work.

Learn how Mayhew’s interior design program can create an efficient open office work space to increase productivity and help relieve stress.

Flexibility neutralizes the challenges of everyday commuters.

Using our culture-conscious interior design program, Mayhew focuses on helping your company create an atmosphere that motivates your employees for greatness at all times. Work life balance is key for all generations, especially Milliennials that are coming into the work force in great numbers. According to the New Jersey Institute of Technology, Milliennials time, though flexible, is intentionally scheduled to increase their productivity so it isn’t lost on hassles like commuting through Toronto traffic and disorganization. They expect today’s employers to be teachers and mentors in an adaptable, comfortable and technologically-rich environment that is ripe for team projects and multi-tasking.

To meet the goals of reducing stress related to commuting congestion and attract and retain Millienials, consider creating a spacious and comfortable open office environment that establishes a flexible meeting space to spur creativity and communication. Technological upgrades and solutions, like Media:scape and Eno boards from Steelcase, lay the groundwork for productivity for training, meetings and more while supporting collaboration efforts throughout your work place. This can be achieved by involving management and staff in developing a space that they all feel proud to work in. Taking steps like these to improve your physical space not only supports your company culture, but puts in place a stress-free, commuter-friendly work space that encourages employees to meet and exceed your company’s business goals and objectives.

You can attract and retain today’s youngest and most influential generation while neutralizing the headaches of the Toronto traffic commute with corporate work strategies that positively impact productivity.

Put Mayhew’s ingenuity with interior design to work for you. Visit Mayhew or call 905-707-4124 for more information.

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